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Set me free, why don't you, Lord

Previously on The Practice: Ellenor discovers James McNown dead in Senator Ellison's bedroom. By this time, Ellison is wearing a robe and not just his boxers. Fake reporters report. Alan "Hunky DA" Lowe is introduced to Helen as her second-in-command. She whines. Allison Ellison admits to the murder. The prosecution makes a deal with The Firm. Ellison makes a grandiose speech. Ellenor threatens Marsha, and then learns of the real events of that ever fateful night that will live on and on in our collective The Practice consciousness.

The Firm, Where They Are Loathe To Admit To Their Pain. Oh. My. Lord. Will you look at Jimmy's tie? Will you look at his shirt? What on earth was wardrobe thinking -- poor Lump, Christmas has come early and it is in the form of a happy red-as-roses tie with a candy-striped shirt. Ouch. It's making me dizzy just looking at it. Like one of those horrible paintings/weapons of eye torture. Oh, I can't look any more. Anyway, back to the actual action, where Jimmy and Ellenor are working late. Mrs. Ellison walks in wearing the usual oh-my-husband's-just-been-convicted-of-murder Jackie-O-inspired black suit. She walks with a firm purpose up to the D-Fence Duo, and Ellenor says, "I appreciate you coming in." Marsha snits, "If this is about what I think it's about I'm happy to have the discussion here instead of my home." Okay, does she still get to live in the swanky Senatorial manor? Ellenor takes Marsha into the conference room. Lucy looks longingly toward the two of them. Why is she still there? It's probably after ten, and she's still there, what -- filing?

Inside the conference room, Ellenor closes the door. She puts her hand on the table. Then she starts lecturing: "I won't presume to know the anger you feel towards your husband." Marsha snaps, "Wise choice." Ellenor: "He's in prison for a murder he didn't commit. Can you really live with that?" Obviously, she can and she is, and she sure as hell isn't going to turn herself in now. Even if Ellenor can manage a favourable deal with the district attorney. No. Absolutely not. Marsha: "If you reveal my confidence. I will sue you. And this firm." The Symphony of Sucker Suits rises to the confrontation of these two strong-willed women. Ellenor threatens right back: "Do you really think I'm afraid of being sued, Marsha?" Mrs. Ellison changes the subject -- her husband can accept this outcome, why can't Ellenor? Simply put, because she can't. They stare at each other a little longer. Marsha doesn't blink: "If you pull that switch, Ellenor, at least have the presence of mind to enjoy it because it will be your very last act as a practicing attorney."

Wham. Bam. Let the battle begin.

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