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Set me free, why don't you, Lord

Oh, Non-Watson is trying to get Walter a stay of execution. They've brought their little Conspiracy Theory in front of a judge. The judge who, by the way, doesn't budge, and then has to sit through Bobby's relentless explanation of Mockler's misconduct. Mockler fights for the good guys, but he forces God on the scumbags, and then watches the scumbags die. The judge doesn't think Mockler's committed any malpractice, and there's no evidence of mental defect on the part of Walter Dawson. Bobby asks him to stay the execution for a week, just so that they can take a good look at the case. "No," says the judge, "but I salute your innovation." He whips off his glasses: "Is John Mockler behind this?" Heh, get it? The irony? Heh, heh, not.

The Firm. Ellenor wants to declare Keith incompetent. Oh, like Scott Wallace perhaps, like Raymond Oz perhaps, like all of the big fancy men who commit crimes on this show? Why is it that no man on this damn show admits to anything, either goes crazy or is innocent, while their wives either end up dead or murderers themselves? Blah the Lump says he's competent. Blah they're at a dead end. Marsha walks into The Firm, because, again, the door is wide open and anyone can walk in -- there's no receptionist, there's no doorbell, there's nothing, just an open hallway beckoning angry ex-clients to wreak their havoc on the likes of the lawyers in this office blah. Okay, so Marsha threatens to sue Ellenor again. Ellenor threatens her right back, stating that she'll catch Marsha in a mistake and that'll be the end of that. They bicker a little, and then Marsha leaves as quickly as she came.

Roc, Almost On Parole. Eugene gives a great closing statement. The pros. The cons. The fairness. The guilt. The problems in the system. He describes Roc as a man who has done his time with grace and dignity. He's a man who deserves to be released. What if he actually is innocent? Innocent people do get convicted. Nasty Chairwoman says the hearing is not a forum for Eugene to retry his client. Well, his client wants to go home, and he could have lied, but he risked everything because he wouldn't give away the only thing that kept his family sane -- the fact that he is innocent: "This may not be the forum to prove that but don't tell me it's not relevant." Eugene introduces the family and asks that the board prove themselves motivated by justice, and that they can be feared but still fair. It's what Roc deserves.

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