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Killing Time

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Set me free, why don't you, Lord

The Waiting Room Of Pain. The Symphony Of Stressful Situations peaks. Leonard thanks Eugene. He tries to explain things to his wife and son James, but Vivian just holds up her hand so he'll stop talking. She's not hearing any of it. A prison guard comes into the room, announcing they are ready. Eugene looks at his watch: "Six minutes." He shakes his head.

Back in the hearing, the Nasty Chairwoman says they are faced with a man who committed murder and then now refuses to accept responsibility for his crime. No parole board has ever granted release under those circumstances. Pause. "So today would be a first." He's free! And they are adjourned, so she turned out to be not so nasty after all. Roc turns to Eugene: "Granted now?" Pretty much. Roc lets go a big sigh of relief and gets up to hug his family. And there's that smile of Eugene's. A Victory March is playing. The two men hug, and slap each other's backs. Way to go, Roc. Way to go, Eugene. Why can't the two of you be in every episode?

The Firm. Rebecca is still working. Because she has no life. Because she's obsessed with her new Non-Watson status with Bobby. They both are watching the television. The Fake News is about to announce Walter's imminent death. They make the announcement, and explain how Walter asked for forgiveness from the victim's family and from God. Rebecca looks like she's about to burst into tears. The Fake News goes over to Silver, who trumpets from up on his grandstand about the evil death penalty while Rebecca and Rod watch in dismay. Blah soapbox blah, and then Rebecca turns off the television.

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