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Credits. They suck. I would rather be Anne Boleyn on the block than listen to this damn theme song.

Top Of The Morning. The Emperor is interrogating poor Lucy. He's holding his hands out like he's rowing a boat down the river, only there are no paddles. And no boat. "What time?" he barks. Lucy bounces: "Around 9:30, right after you left." Bark: "Did she say what she wanted?" Bounce: "No. She and Ellenor just went into the conference room but they both seemed suspicious." Ron "Defender of the von Bulow" Silver opens the door, and Bobby gives him a big hug and introduces him to the rest of The Firm, who rally to attention. Bobby smiles at his friend, and wonders why he, The Great John Mockler, has blessed The Firm with his presence. Well, good thing Rod asked, because as it turns out, Mockler needs a local lawyer. Blah Rule 48 blah. Bobby: "Actually I start trial on Friday." John replies that there is really nothing to do; he just needs somebody in case there's a last-minute appeal. Rebecca, holding her hand up like that annoying kid in every class who knows all the answers, bowls over the rest of her co-workers and says, "Me! Me!" She and Mockler head into the conference room for debriefing. In the usual product-placement manner of plot progression, Jimmy explains to Lucy that Mockler is the man for death penalty appeals: "He's stayed more executions than anyone else combined." Rock on, Mockler, you are a man for the cause.

It is a busy morning at The Firm, because a woman named Vivian walks through the door left open by The God Of Death Penalty Cases. Eugene gets up to greet her and asks what's wrong. Vivian takes a deep breath: "Leonard sent me." Pause. Another deep breath: "To tell you that he doesn't want you for the parole hearing." Eugene: "What do you mean he doesn't want me?" She repeats, "He doesn't want you." Did he hire somebody else? No. She's in quite a state. Apparently, Leonard wants to represent himself this time. Then she says, "You know how he gets." Apparently, Eugene does know how he gets, because he grabs his coat and says, "Let's go," as he walks out the door that no one ever bothers to close. No wonder serial killers wander in and out of The Firm unnoticed by anyone.

Conference Room Where They Confer About Pain. Mockler explains that all federal executions take place in Indiana, despite the fact that the jurisdiction of the case is still in Boston. Silver hands some papers to Rebecca, who is sitting at the table expectantly. As the client wants his lawyer with him at the time of execution, Johnny-boy needs someone in Boston in case there are any last minute appeals, which there won't be, because Walter has "waived them." Rebecca asks what the guy did. Mockler: "Killed a federal employee." Sigh. "It wasn't very pretty. But that was then." He shuffles more papers. "Today he's a different man, and he's ready to die." Rebecca is shocked: "He wants to die?" John nods, "He wants closure." The junior lawyer is dejected; she was hoping she would get to do something. Then she asks to meet the client; if he changes his mind and wants to file an appeal, it would be helpful to represent to the court that she knew him, at least a little. Again, Silver nods, "Okay. Good point." He shuffles more papers: "You wanna come with me now?" Sure!

The Office Where Bobby Conscripts Lots Of Pain. Thank goodness Jimmy has changed his shirt and tie. He repeats in wonderment, "Keith was sleeping with the guy and she shot him?" Ellenor explains that Marsha prefaced her confession with attorney-client privilege. Blah it has to be sealed blah, but it could really help Keith. Rod explodes in anger. He pulls his tie and unbuttons his shirt while barking, "This is why we should have never represented both of them!" Okay, Ellenor has learned her lesson; she will never again represent an entire family of maniacs, all of whom confessed to murdering the same guy. That's not the issue anymore. What do they do now? Rod shakes his head because he doesn't think there is anything they can do. Jimmy, oh Dope-du-Dope, says incredulously, "So the Senator is gay!" Bobby and Ellenor ignore him and continue to bicker. Blah you asked her to come forward, blah she didn't want to, blah Keith knows she did it and he's taking the fall. Bobby: "Have her come in again and see how well she plays poker." Because Blind Baseball and Five-Card Stud is really the metaphor he wants to be going with right now -- whatever. Ellenor: "Bobby, she doesn't really scare." He holds his hands up like he's dog paddling through the Boston Harbour and repeats, "Have her come in."

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