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Set me free, why don't you, Lord

The Penitentiary Of Pain. Charles S. Dutton is sitting at a table, screaming, "You're taking it personal!" Eugene is pacing. He argues back, "It should be to you, you're the one in a prison cell." That's right, replies Roc; it's all about him. He is David, and the parole board is Goliath. And he doesn't need a lawyer to show the board what kind of man he really is. In fact, sometimes, lawyers can even obstruct their view. Eugene erupts: "So this is about punishing me. It is personal!" Roc shakes his head: "I know you did the best you could, I know that." Blah Eugene paid for the investigation with his own money, blah male head-butting crap blah. Roc fires Eugene: "You're fired then! If that's the way you wanna hear it then hear it that way!" He wants to put himself before the board without the shield of a lawyer; Eugene interrupts and says, "Without the advice!" And you know what his advice will be! That's enough for Roc; he tells Eugene to "shut it down." Pause. Pause. Pause. Eugene: "What message do you plan to be bringing, Leonard?" In a sweet voice of vindication, Roc responds, "I am innocent." He talks like a preacher. "Same message as my trial. And appeal. I'm innocent." The Melody of Misapprehension rises as Eugene says quietly, "You will lose." They stare at one another. "Now if it seems that I'm taking this personally, it's because I know you're innocent." Eugene steps forward to add, "And I'm the lawyer who lost this." Blah he's got the witnesses lined up, blah he's done his homework on the board, and blah let him do it with this hearing. Leonard, aw, please, Eugene looks so involved. Blah wife and kid blah. "Let me help you."

Same Day. Different Jail. Different Pain. Rebecca and Ron "Oh, Don't Blame Me For Black & White" Silver walk into Walter's cell; he's the Dead Man Walking. He looks patient, and the light has him all bathed in orange, looking kind of heavenly -- or creepy, whichever way you want to look at it. Walter says, "Didn't you explain it to her?" Yes, but Rebecca wanted to meet him anyway. She notes, "Mr. Mockler says you've pretty much given up hope." Walter responds by saying that he's full of hope; in fact, he's never been so hopeful in his whole "durn" life. Rebecca is taken aback. Walter explains that who he was when he committed the crime and who he is now are two very different things. He's found God. And it wasn't the fake preacher in the form of an aging Luke Perry over on Oz who showed him the way, either. Rebecca wants to know why the person Walter is now wishes to be executed. Walter: "Do you know the atrocity of my crime? I stabbed a woman seventy-eight times." He pulls out a worn and well-marked Bible that he's studied, for years, trying to find a way to forgive himself until he saw the truth -- forgiveness is somebody else's job, "and He's already done it." God washed Walter clean the minute the minute he sincerely repented. The strange yellow light is still on the man; funny, though, because the light outside the cell is quite bright and blue, and the two really don't match at all. Rebecca: "When you pray, do you tell God what you want or do you ask Him what He wants?" She sits on the bed beside Walter and continues, "God doesn't forgive you so you can die happy. I think he washes you clean so you can start over, so you can learn and struggle, and do his work." A strange Hymn Of The Penitent Prisoners sits on the bed with them as Rebecca continues to lecture: "Walter, you could live another forty years. And how much good could you do in here in that time." Blah how many people could you help, blah you could start a ministry, blah Ron Silver looks like he's going to kill her blah.

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