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Set me free, why don't you, Lord

Outside. Rebecca is rambling as she and Silver walk to the car. She thinks they could file an emergency hearing in First Circuit, because she thinks Walter may have changed his mind. Silver: "Rebecca, let me ask you a question" -- and don't you worry, Rebecca, because it will be a demeaning, rhetorical sort of question that you really don't need to answer per se -- "do you think you helped in there?" Firstly, there aren't any more issues; they've exhausted them all. She believes there's always something. Nope. There's nothing. And there is not going to be a stay of execution, and all Rebecca succeeded in doing right there was agitating Walter, so instead of dying with closure or feeling at peace with God, he might now feel that his death isn't satisfactory penance. The Foot-In-Mouth Melody rises to hit Rebecca when she's down. Silver: "The one thing he had left to cling to, you perhaps just stripped him of, he's not a cause, Rebecca, he's a human being who will die on Thursday." And just to make her feel even worse, he tacks on, "Perhaps even more painfully now." Yawn. Silver's a little heady with the rhetoric; pull it back a little, Ron, or you might suffocate under the weight of your own words.

Roc's Prison Of Pain. He and Eugene have made up and are now talking strategy. Eugene explains that the prison parole officer will testify for them because he supports Roc's release. Roc says, "You'd think that should be the end of it." Eugene replies, "We wish." The board is made up of four prosecutors, a retired police lieutenant, a probation officer, and an advocate for victim's rights. According to Eugene, "it's stacked." They get back into it over the whole "innocence" issue. Roc won't admit he's guilty. Eugene argues that that means he'll be spending the rest of his life in jail. They both scream at each other at the same time. They call each other names. Roc kicks Eugene out of the room, again. Eugene rises to his feet and screams, "You wanna be proud, you got a kid at home without a father, how proud is that!" All the while Roc is screaming, "Get outta here! Get outta here!" He walks toward the guard, screaming at him to come forward, Eugene yells at him to stay back, the music decides to step up and into battle, the two men face one another, and Eugene breaks the silence: "They do not let people out of here unless they show remorse." Pause. That's the only way. He whispers, "It's the only way." And then he sits back down, allowing Roc to stew in his own anger juice. It's lemony tasting, a bit bitter, but a little sugar could go a long, long way.

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