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Set me free, why don't you, Lord

The Firm Where They Try To Convince People They Are Guilty Of Pain. Marsha sits facing her verbal firing squad. Ellenor explains that they are going to justify their decision, which cues Bobby's speech elucidating that The Firm is going to reveal the privileged communication, risking sanctions from the Massachusetts bar. Bobby announces, "We feel the sanctity of the attorney-client privilege is outweighed by the injustice caused to her husband." Blah officers of the court have a responsibility to disclose the fact that a man is serving a prison term for a crime he didn't commit. Blah either you are in or you are out, Marsha. Rod taps the table; then he moves his hands across the slab of wood like he's Pac Man on a hunt for magic cookies. Blah we can protect you, blah we might even be able to get your sentence reduced. Yawn. Yeah, like Marsha, the one not in jail, is going to give herself up so that she can go to jail. Right. Bobby: "Obviously it's best for you to join hands with us here." She gives him a "Judith about to cut off his head" kind of stare, and responds, "I completely agree with you." Blah with a few small exceptions. 1. If The Firm reveals the privilege, they don't just risk sanctions; they'll all be disbarred. 2. By doing so, they'd shield Marsha from prosecution, because Ellenor wouldn't be able to testify, so the DA wouldn't be able to build a case against her. 3. The DA got a conviction and Helen, Warrior DA, probably won't reconsider. 4. Marsha intones innocently that she doesn't have one itty-bitty clue what Ellenor is talking about. 5. "Could you all go somewhere and respectively self-fornicate." Heh. Wow, Ellenor wasn't kidding when she said Marsha didn't scare, and she threatens them right back in a lawyerly way too. Oh, swearing in lawyer language -- "self-fornicate," heh. The Other Side of the table is rather quiet at the end of her list of five exceptions.

The Cell Where God Pauses Pain. Rebecca is back in Walter's cell. This time, she's free of The High And Mighty Silver. She explains that it wasn't her intent to rile him up. Not to worry, Walter understands. But she does want him to understand the distinction between serving God in death and serving Him in life. Wow, and are they ever bringing Rebecca's whole Jehovah's Witness storyline to life here. Good thing too, because we almost forgot about that whole coma issue. He wants to accept his punishment, and she acquiesces; he thanks her, and she leaves. On her way out of the cell, she says, "It was nice to meet you." Coming out from the strange light and into the even stranger daylight, Walter says, "It's nice to have lawyers that believe in the Lord." He owes his salvation to Mr. Mockler. Ouch. The cell door slams, but you can see Rebecca's intrigued face in between the bars. Why? Well, Mockler opened his heart to Jesus. Walter smiles. The Hymn Of The Non-Humble Intentions chimes. Rebecca asks, "Did Mockler persuade you to sacrifice your life for Jesus?" Walter responds, "He persuaded me to serve Jesus. To embrace Him." And you're serving him by dying? No, by accepting the punishment for my sins. Oh, sure, DEK has his characters do all the dirty work for Jesus while he's playing God over there all by himself.

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