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Boston By Night. The entire group of lawyers at The Firm is conferring about the Marsha/privilege issue. Jimmy doesn't think they should break privilege. Ellenor thinks they have competing client interests. Lindsay doesn't think that matters. Ellie does, and there are exceptions. Blah. Argument. Blah legal jabberwocky blah. Emotions run high. No one takes it well when the scare tactics don't work; in fact, this is usually when The Firm makes a collectively bad decision to do something "rash" and "bold" like Plan B. Only they can't Plan B when the guy's already in jail. Plus, as Emperor Rod insists, The Firm is in the business of keeping client's secrets no matter what -- that's right, they are all Defense Priests in their spare time. But wait, Jimmy has an epiphany! Go to Keith! Everyone looks over at Bobby, aghast at the simple brilliance of the Lump, and Ellenor says, "Can I tell him what she told us? Is that violating privilege?" Damn! Aren't they all just so smart to point out the freaking obvious? Because, well, it's so shocking when a lawyer uses logic on a legal drama. No one has a problem with Ellenor going to Keith, so that's just what she's going to do, then. Problem solved. He'll rat out his wife, and it'll all be over. Ellenor's conscience will be freed from its prison. Yawn. Rebecca walks in at the end of the discussion, muttering, "He didn't exhaust all the appeals." Bobby sputters, "What?" Rebecca holds a stack of papers up for Rod to inspect, yelling, "John Mockler. There are issues he left out for Walter Dawson. And. There have been others." She shoves the files over toward her boss, and continues, "Death penalty clients who suddenly found God and decided to waive last-minute appeals." The Conspiracy Theory Melody raves at Rebecca's ingenuity. John Mockler is helping the state kill his clients! Everyone is taken aback: on one hand, they've got an innocent man in jail; on the other, they've got one of their own taking the law into his own hands. The Firm Of Fervent Causes certainly has their work cut out for them in this episode. Do I have to say it? Yes, yes I do: YAWN.

Bobby's Office Where They Confront Lawyers Who Dole Out The Pain. Mockler is sitting in Bobby's office. Rebecca and Rod confront him about their findings. Silver patronizes, "When was the last time you faced death, Rebecca? It can make you turn to God, you know." Well, she was in a coma, you know, Silver, so Rebecca really does know about death. Wait, but Rebecca doesn't bring that up, because none of them have history or lives beyond the pathetic storylines passing DEK's fancy that week. Yeah, like the whole "Ellenor and Lindsay are parents" thingy. Who the heck is taking care of their kids while they work until all hours of the night -- Helen? Right. Any. Way. Rebecca mentions the fact that Silver said he'd exhausted all of the avenues for Dawson's appeals. Only he didn't. Silver asks, "What did I leave out?" Rebecca: "He was diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome." That was raised at trial. Right, for diminished capacity, but it should have been raised at sentencing. Silver doesn't think that would have made any difference. She brings up some of his other clients, the ones where he chose to use FAS. Ah, Rebecca, where's the love now? Huh? They play semantic games for a while longer, blah the client instructed him to drop the appeals, blah after they all found God, blah he's going to die. Silver snarks, "What do you suggest I do, hand him a copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul?" Well, maybe they're coming out with an Inmate Edition this fall. Bobby tries to step in, but Silver's on a roll -- he exhausts all viable appeals, and hey, he even wins a couple of his cases, or hadn't they noticed that fact. Rebecca rolls her eyes. But when there is nothing left, and Silver means nothing left, he gives them that little something to get them through the night. Blah Silver's been there, blah Silver's seen it, blah it helps.

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