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Set me free, why don't you, Lord

The Next Unbearable Day. Roc is roaming around a room at the prison. He's happy about wearing a coat and tie. His wife Vivian and son James are there to support him, as is Eugene, who is all business. The two alpha males start their bickering until Vivian steps in. The Symphony Of Second-To-Last Chances underlies the necessity of acting repentant. Roc has to accept his guilt and get on with it, so he can get out of jail. But what does he say to the people going to the bank, raising money on his behalf, if he now says he's guilty? Vivian: "They all know this is part of the game, Leonard." Lying? He's got to lie to get redemption? The Prodigal Son cries out in tune with the Symphony, "Dad! Just get yourself out! Come home." Now if that doesn't sway Leonard, I don't know what will.

The Firm. Lucy gives an ad hoc status report to The Emperor, who seems far more in control of The Firm than he did last season, that's for sure. Ellenor has stepped up to the challenge and is overseeing Keith. Eugene, well, we all know he's at the parole hearing, and Rebecca, well, she's been in the conference room all night.

The Conference Room. Bobby: "You never went home." A very coffee-anxious Rebecca says, "There's more." Bobby: "Rebecca." Let it go already. Let it go. Please -- it's almost as if Rebecca is hanging on to this storyline with all she's got because she knows it's all fake comas from here on in. Blah praise be to Mockler blah. Blah Rebecca doesn't believe him blah. She points to the reams of papers strewn about on the table: "There's more." M-O-R-E -- what does it spell? More! More! You got it, there's more, now cheer -- rah. Rah. Yawn. Rah.

Keith's Newfound Home On Planet "Insanity Is The Best Defense." Ellenor, speaking through the glass, tells him she knows about Marsha. He plays dumb for a bit until Ellenor spells it right out for him. Ellenor does the whole whisper-yell-bite-your-teeth speech thing: "How can you be willing to serve a sentence for a crime she committed?" Keith sits quietly. "My God," Ellenor continues, "do you think that being gay is worse for your image than being thought of as a murderer?" Keith, again, plays dumb: "I don't know what you're talking about." He insists that his wife is lying because she's mad at him for killing her lover. Again, might someone have thought to, oh, I don't know, investigate the Dead Guy, or are we going to have a whole separate episode dedicated to that revelation now? Blah. Ellenor tosses out that explanation. Then she blathers on about being one of his oldest friends, and, with tears glinting in her pretty blue eyes, says, "I am not going to love you any less because you are gay." Oh, he's just so politically correct, that DEK, isn't he? Keith interrupts her speech: "Do you know the letters I get? People think I'm a hero!" The Sonata Of Sliding Off The Deep End swells. "'Good for you!'" That's what the letters say. "'I would have blasted him too!'" Keith has an absurd grin on his face: "I'm a hero Ellen-ner, and when I get out my constituency will still be there." Blah political history blah! What man wouldn't do what you did in those circumstances? Ellenor is taken aback. Perhaps "stunned" is a better word, "I'm instructing you to drop this. I've made my deal," Keith spits, "I'm happy with my deal." Yeah, he's happy living in Martyrland. And that's the end of that.

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