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Set me free, why don't you, Lord

Leonard's Parole Hearing Of Freedom From Pain. The Prison Parole Officer testifies to the goodness that is Leonard by speaking in platitudes: "I tell inmates to use the time in here, don't let it use you." Yeah, that guy would last a second in the joint. At first, Roc had anger issues, but now he's teaching the anger management course. A lot of the inmates look up to him. The Nasty Chairwoman says someone found a syringe in his cell. PPO thinks it was planted. Eugene asks if Leonard would pose a threat, should they grant him parole. PPO thinks not. He's a small threat for recidivism, especially when he has a support network on the outside. The Nasty Chairwoman throws out some stats to combat the glowing testimony of PPO. Eugene asks if Nasty Chairwoman is introducing evidence. She blasts him back down, because this is a parole hearing and not a court of law where the rules of evidence apply. Hell is about to freeze over, she's so cold.

Bobby's Office Where They're Still Investigating That Pain. Silver tells Non-Sherlock and Non-Watson that he really doesn't have time for the lecture. He's on his way to Indiana. He's got to watch someone die today. Bobby thinks that "things" seem to be a little too coincidental. Silver's most heinous clients seem to find God and waive their appeals; the ones that might be innocent, well, he pushes those cases to the end. Hum, and that's a coincidence? Silver scoffs. Bobby rages on with his hands at full attention: "You're deciding who lives and who dies." Oops, is Silver perhaps playing God? And is Bobby offended because he so covets that role for himself? For shame. Blah the ones you choose not to fight for you steer them towards religion, blah conducting "mad triage" with his clients. Apparently, last night, in between doing her all-nighter of research, Rebecca had time to call the families of many of the men Mockler had defended. She asserts, "You influence death row inmates to waive appeals, to seek salvation." Silver walks away, he's not listening to this -- but not before Bobby can hurl a non-insult at the man. "I used to respect you." The Music Of The Non-Knight whirls around as Rebecca snorts, "I used to think you were this big champion against the death penalty, and look at what you are." Silver licks his lips -- no, honest, he does, it's like his version of Emperor hands -- and says something about how death row inmates should be grateful he's even taking their cases. Do you know how hard it is to get the Supreme Court to look at these kinds of appeals? Eventually all of the claims, even the legitimate ones, fall on deaf ears. "Now, I'll tell you what the problem is, Rebecca." He steps forward: "Defense attorneys have no credibility any more." The Supreme Court pays attention when Silver calls, because he's The Death Man. Rebecca: "So you weed out the good cases from the bad and sacrifice people like Walter Dawson." Silver insists he did everything he could for Dawson, and he'll be at his side tonight. And with that, Silver says, "Bye, Bobby," turns on his heels like Prince in the video for "When Doves Cry," and slams the door.

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