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Set me free, why don't you, Lord

Parole Hearing. The wife of the victim is on the stand. She was devastated when she found out that Leonard was the killer. They were all friends. How does she feel about the idea of Leonard being paroled? Well, of course she's a Christian woman, and she prays for him. Except, despite her good Christian charity, she doesn't want another family to be destroyed like hers was, so she prays they keep him in prison for as long as he lives. The music crackles as the Nasty Chairwoman says they'll take break and continue with Leonard's testimony. Leonard, knowing that it's all coming down to him, doesn't think he can say he's guilty. Again, Eugene repeats the dire consequences if he doesn't -- he'll spend the rest of his waking moments encased in cement walls and iron bars.

After the commercials, Charles S. Dutton kicks some ass. He swore prison wouldn't break him, and if it wasn't for his family, it would have. Nasty Chairwoman thinks he's done better in prison than out of prison. Because she knows the story of his life so very well. Because her papers say that Roc had a hard time holding a job, and when he got fired from the garage, he committed murder. What are his plans if he's released? Well, he'd like to find a way to help kids stay out of trouble, become a counselor or a teacher. At trial, he denied murdering Jack Soran, is that correct? Is he still denying he committed this crime? There is a heavy pause. Does he now accept responsibility for his crime? Oh, and it would be just so easy to -- come on Leonard, don't -- oh, damn, he turns to face the widow and says, "Mrs. Soran, I know you've suffered, so much." Pause. "And I'm sorry." Pause. "But I did not kill your husband." And all their dreams go down the drain. The Parole Board Guy says that taking responsibility means admitting the crime. Because, you know, Roc just felt like sabotaging his chances for parole just for the hell of it. Then he goes on a tear -- he didn't kill anybody, and "to get out of here, I've got to show you I'm a good man. And the only way to do that is to lie and say that I'm a killer." He points his finger at the pulpit: "Well. I am not a killer." He repeats his statement, Nasty Chairwoman asks if he's done, and of course Roc's not done because he wants to point out the necessity of having to admit to his crime. After all, the board couldn't sleep at night if they had to face the reality that an innocent man has just spent twelve years in jail for a crime he didn't commit. Do ya think DEK's been watching a little too much of The Hurricane? ["Or The Shawshank Redemption? This is a lift from Red's parole storyline." -- Sars] Not that Roc isn't doing an amazing job. Not that this storyline isn't both touching and moving. But goodness, it's thicker than butter cream down there. The Nasty Chairwoman warns him. Blah he was never going to get parole. He waves his arm across the table: "Not from them." Vivian looks like she's about to burst into tears. Leonard: "You know it's a joke. It's a damn joke. Now. I'm done." And he sits back down beside Eugene.

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