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Legacy (1)

Previously on The Practice: George Vogelman turns out to be the killer nun; Helen, naked and soaking wet, blows him away; Bobby's mentor Raymond Oz, who is aging badly, asks Bobby to co-chair a trial with him; during the trial it becomes apparent that Ray is losing his faculties, and his wife is aware of it; Bobby and Joanne try to get Ray to quit.

In the hallway outside the DYD&F offices, Raymond Oz paces around while a rather rotund guy with a big briefcase and a bad combover clips his nails. The guy with the poor hygiene habits recognizes Oz and gushes about how he's dreamed of opposing Oz in a courtroom. Combover guy's name is Harland Bassett, and he mentions that he can't say he's argued in front of the Supreme Court. Oz interrupts brusquely: "Plenty of time. What are you, about sixty-five?" Now, the guy doesn't look great, but even to a geezer like Oz I don't think he could look sixty-five. Harland says he's fifty-three and asks if he looks sixty-five. Oz dismisses this with, "I'm just a crazy old man. Appearances mean nothing to me." Right. He straightens his tie as he says it. Harland brings his bag (which he carries in front of his torso with his arm around like a sack of potatoes, rather than holding it by the handle and letting his arm hang straight down) and mentions that while Oz is considered one of the greatest lawyers in the history of the Commonwealth, he (Harland) might be considered one of the worst. Oz assures him that "reputations can change in a heartbeat." He asks Harland again, "What are you, sixty-two, sixty-three?" Harland tells him his age again. Just then, Bobby and Lindsay come off the elevator and seem surprised to see Ray waiting for them. Ray explains that he needs Bobby's legal help and that it's important. In Bobby's office, he explains to Lindsay and Bobby that it's about Joanne, and her increasingly erratic behaviour. He suspects her of having an affair: he's noticed suspicious receipts and absences, and claims she came home one day smelling like "she'd been with a man." Bobby can't believe this of Joanne, and says so; this makes Ray quite angry and he stands up and shouts, "Now damn it, don't you go against me too! Let me finish!" Bobby seems somewhat stunned by Ray's vehemence and asks how he can help. Ray explains Joanne is taking him to court to be named his conservator, in order to get control of his money and estate. He insists, "Well, she's probably got a guy stashed in some motel, playing me for a fool!" He clutches his fists and they shake fiercely. Bobby tells him to take it easy. Ray says he could represent himself, but he needs independent counsel that he can trust. Bobby says that he'll talk to Joanne. Ray claims there's "no talking to her," and explains that there's a hearing at nine-thirty that morning. Ray says he hates having to ask; Bobby says he'll be there. Credits, commercials.

As Bobby tries to leave for the Oz hearing, Lucy reminds them that Harland's still waiting in the hall. Bobby and Lindsay meet with Harland in the hall. He explains that he's representing a guy on a charge of lewd and lascivious behaviour (in case you forgot this is a DEK show, you know) and the guy's innocent (he calls him a "good kid") and it's an easy "not guilty," but Judge Hiller has ordered him to get co-counsel. Harland claims not to know why and says Hiller has "some bug up her ass" about him. Bobby asks for the actual legal reasoning. Harland admits he's never won a trial. Lindsay looks at him as if he has three heads (all with bad combovers) and asks, "You've never won a trial?" Harland replies, "A lawyer can only play the cards he's dealt." Lindsay: "Never?" I'm sure Kelli Williams is a lovely person and all, but Lindsay has so much of the snotty high-school homecoming queen in her that you just want to slap her senseless. Bobby admonishes her. Harland insists it's a winner and it's a two-day trial tops. "Please?" he begs.

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