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Who says lawyers are all liars?

Nighttime at The Firm. Jimmy is doodling on a pad numbly at his desk. Lucy zips up her bag and says she's leaving. Asks Jimmy to lock up, and then wants to know if Spanky really whacked his wife. He says Sid says he didn't do it. Lucy responds, "Yeah, right!" And then they say goodnight. Jimmy takes a deep breath and then logs onto an online betting site. He uses his credit card and takes a good long look at the spreads. Yeah, Jimmy's gambling problem is over -- right. It looks like this is just the beginning.

Holding Cell at the County Jail. Martin and Lindsay are talking about the results of the day's proceedings. She explains that he's going to a maximum-security prison in Concord. Lindsay will petition the department of corrections to move him as soon as possible. He tunes out as Lindsay says she'll ask that they designate him a vulnerable inmate and try to get him into solitary to keep him safe. He looks kind of like Opie, only goofier, if that's even possible. As Lindsay blathers on about their game plan moving forward, her voice fades out, and we focus on Martin's face as it finally sinks in that he's going to prison for a crime he didn't commit. Then we fade to black.

Next week: Jimmy's gambling gets even more out of control. I bet you can't wait for that storyline to continue.

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