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Who says lawyers are all liars?

The Courthouse Which Houses Lots Of Pain. Hunky DA is giving Mrs. McKee a pep talk about her testimony for tomorrow's trial. Mrs. McKee is worried that Lindsay is a shark, swimming around the courtroom, waiting to eat her right up. There's a knock on Hunky DA's office door, and he yells, "Come in!" Lindsay enters, sees Mrs. McKee, and says, "Oh, I didn't know you were busy," even though we all saw her skulking outside the door, waiting until they were finished. Alan closes the door, and Lindsay barks, "She's wrong about the ID." Blah she was scared to death, blah she was focused on her fear, and blah eyewitnesses are unreliable. Alan: "I'm not pleading out." Come on! Martin was sitting two blocks away, wearing the same sweatshirt -- how stupid could he be? Exactly -- if he had the mindset to ditch the gun and the gloves, why wouldn't he ditch the sweatshirt too? Nothing about this freaking case makes any sense. Oh, it drives me nuts. Alan and Lindsay bicker about the money. He sits down and crosses his hands across his lap as he leans back, you know, like he's the cool kid in the cafeteria. Damn. He's cute. He's very, very cute. Right, The Practice, there's a case going on, something about a kid wrongly accused of attempted murder. So, Alan offers up twelve years, and that's the best he can do. Lindsay says, "Come in with five and I'll sell it." Nope, he's still offering twelve. Lindsay retorts, "He's nineteen. Twelve years in prison and he'll never recover." Alan: "Can't do it." She's asking for a favour. He apologizes. And that's the end of that.

The Conference Room Where They Debate Marital Pain. Rod walks into the room and asks, "When's the settlement conference?" Lump replies that it's in twenty minutes. He moves around the table and Rod shuts the door, asking, "So when did all this start?" Slam. Jimmy says he started with nickel and dime bets to make the games more interesting. Then he upped it to make his "life more interesting." Ah, poor Lump is feeling unfulfilled. Yawn. Jimmy twelve-steps Rod, and considering that he didn't even have an inkling of a gambling habit over the last four seasons, it shouldn't be that hard for him to kick the problem. Then he blathers on about how he ended up at The Firm -- he forged some loan documents and ended up getting fired from a bank, "that's [his] legacy." Rod interjects, "That's not your legacy." Okay, Coach Donnell, really lay it on this time: "If you're trying to tell me you're not smarter than this, I'm not buying it." Blah he's not gambling any more, blah he appreciates Rod's concern, blah he thanks Rod for keeping it a secret. In the nick of time, Lucy announces that Stuart Miller is here with his client, Linda Hart, who is doing a really bad impression of Rosie Perez in that horrible film, It Could Happen to You. Bobby looks at Jimmy: "You okay to do this?" Yes. He's just fine.

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