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Who says lawyers are all liars?

Back from commercials, Spanky is yelling at Jimmy, "This is no good. I'm due fifty, I hire you to get me seventy, and now you're advising me to take thirty?" He slams his paper on the desk: "It's not a good result." The Lump says he'll go to trial if that's what Spanky wants, but he can't guarantee his success at either keeping the tape out of court or securing a better result. The bookie should just settle the case if he's worried about people seeing the tape. Because blackmail is always the best way to win a case. "And just let her win?" Jimmy doesn't know what else to tell him, and man, that is not the right answer, because Spanky has a really pissed look on his face.

Cut to Lindsay, with her feet up, reading the paper at her desk. Eugene quips, "You look comfortable." Yeah, between a trial and a baby at home, if Lindsay has a quiet moment, well, she's going to seize it. Ellenor jumps in: "Have you got a problem with that?" Eugene smiles; no, he does not have a problem with it. Lucy walks in, asking if Lindsay has seen the obituary pages from the paper. Because she was just perusing them while on a break of her own? Yeah, like that's plausible. Any. Way. Lindsay sees that the prosecution's witness in Martin's trial died of a heart attack. And, man does that set her off, because the next time we see Lindsay...

She's barreling into Alan's office, screaming, "You knew she was dead!" He points at the door and mumbles something about Lindsay yelling. She screams that she's only using a firm voice, and continues to assert that Hunky DA knew Mrs. McKee was dead. And with that, she throws the paper at him: "This case was over. Without that witness you had to dismiss." Not necessarily. Alan looks mighty uncomfortable. Lindsay yells, "This is fraud!" Hey, her client committed attempted murder, and five years is a gift. Lindsay: "I'm filing a motion to vacate the plea and then I'm going straight to your supervisor." Master DA steps in just then, saying, "Let me save you the trouble." He heard the mermaids singing, "Ah Lindsay is Angry," "Ah Lindsay is Mad," "Ah Lindsay wants Justice," "Ah Lindsay is Sad," and hopped right on over. Master DA informs Lindsay that "Mr. Lowe was acting under [his] direction and with [his] complete approval." Lindsay gives him a cold thunderous stare: "Oh, so this was a conspiracy to mislead me?" Blah ethical boundaries, blah this is crap, blah you lied, and blah you withheld material evidence. Their response: Blah you got the deal you were asking for blah. Lindsay says, "Are you serious?" Kenny says, "We did nothing wrong." Lindsay looks at both of them in disgust and storms out of the office.

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