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Who says lawyers are all liars?

The Firm. Lindsay is pacing. The Emperor holds up his princely hands in an effort to ward off all the negative energy emanating into the room from Lindsay's karma. He tells her to calm down. She barks, "Don't tell me to calm down, you calm down." He quips, "Okay. I'm going to take a second and calm myself down." That was the wrong answer, because Lindsay yaps, "You think this is funny?" Cue moral outrage: "I think this is disgusting." And all three of them (Eugene is standing there too) should go into court, but they can't go in with emotion. Lindsay says that Martin would have walked, and now an innocent kid is doing five years for something she essentially organized. Bobby wants Eugene and Rebecca to do some research into whether or not it truly is exculpatory or maybe a denial of due process. Eugene nods and leaves the office. Bobby tells his wife she needs to set forth a declaration stating exactly what Lowe told her. Lindsay: "We can't let them get away with this, Bobby, we can't." Lucy walks into Rod's office; when he asks if there's something he can do for her, she replies with a stricken look, "Jimmy's case is over."

Police cars surround a suburban house. Jimmy parks his car in front, gets out, and walks toward the house. Police tape surrounds the perimeter. A uniform cop holds up the yellow tape as the Lump ducks under. Detective Mike asks what Jimmy's doing there. The lawyer asks if he can see what happened. Mike insists that "it's not going to make" Jimmy's day. As they walk into the house, Mike relates that the shots were heard less than an hour ago. Jimmy asks if there were witnesses. Not yet. Mike says, "Your client is over here." Jimmy walks toward the flashing lights of forensic guys taking multiple pictures of the crime scene. He looks stunned, then says, "That's not my client actually." Bam. There's Mrs. Bookie, splayed out on the carpet, shot to death. "I represent her husband." Mike says he heard they were going through a divorce. Yeah, Jimmy replies, and when Mike asks if he knows where his client is right now, the Lump, in a sort of trance, says, "No." Hold up your hands, those of you who thought she was going to end up dead? Everyone? Yeah, that's what I figured. Yawn. They always end up dead on this show.

The Jail Where They House Innocent Amounts Of Pain. Martin asks if he can take back his plea. Lindsay "The Quick and the Plead" Dole isn't sure, because she's never heard of something like this happening before. Martin: "So, when you were convincing me to plead, the witness was already dead?" Yes. Blah we're going to fight this Martin blah. Blah I'll do everything I can to make up for the fact that the prosecution made a big pansy out of me. Wah he told everyone he was guilty when he stood up in court, wah he didn't do it, wah. Lindsay explains that she's got the entire firm on the case now. Does she think they'll win? They've got a real chance, and this isn't over by a long shot. Martin looks like he's about to burst into tears. Poor guy. Too bad we'll never know if he really did it or not, because no one ever deems it necessary to, oh, I don't know, investigate the evidence or anything.

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