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Who says lawyers are all liars?

The House Of Police Pain. Jimmy walks past the interrogation room where the police are holding Spanky. He asks Detective Mike if there are any listening devices in the room. Mike shakes his head no. The lawyer goes into the room and closes the door. The bookie says, "Do you believe this? They think I whacked her." Right, like they would actually have any other suspects? Dude is not only greedy, he's totally delusional too. Jimmy asks if he did kill his wife. Well, Spanky is totally shocked that Jimmy would even ask such a thing. Yeah, and the lawyer can check his alibi if he wants to really be sure he's innocent of this heinous crime. Jimmy: "Did you have it done?" Spanky wants Jimmy to get him out of custody. The lawyer sits down at the table and asks, "What have you told them?" Nothing. He just asked for his lawyer. Period. The Music Of Miscalculated Misogyny plays a riveting tune in the background. Spanky hisses, "Get me out!" Damn, he's a demanding client.

The Courtroom of Judge "Let's Inflict the Pain" Wilcox. Kenny insists that the plea is valid. Bobby argues that it was a violation of due process, that it was made in bad faith and the DA's office committed fraud. Bobby snaps, "You deliberately withheld evidence." Blah exculpatory evidence blah, blah the fact that the witness died had nothing to do with whether or not Martin actually committed the crime, blah. Well, the client accepted the plea. Lindsay stands up and screams, "But it was extortion." She goes on to explain that Martin maintained his innocence and only took the plea because she forced him to. Kenny argues that all defendants take chances; they all gamble with plea bargains, but the law doesn't permit the guilty people the ability to change their minds when they find out the prosecution's case is weak. Lindsay gets up on her feet now -- you know she's really, really mad -- and starts rambling on about the prosecution's lack of fundamental fairness. Ah, the shoe is on the other foot now, and she really doesn't like it. This episode is all about karma; The Firm takes all kinds of liberties with the law when it serves their purposes, but when the prosecution doesn't play fair, wham, the entire system is about to crumble. Blah the system has to work on trust, blah the DA's office violated that trust. Kenny thinks the system is doing just fine. That is, until a meteor hits the courtroom, lands right on his head, and Alan jumps up, saying, "Hey, the aliens have killed Kenny." Oh, now Lindsay gets a bit out of control, she starts calling the DA a liar, screaming about being pushed into a plea instead of true justice, and finally she screams, "Let me talk," when the judge says it bothers the court that she forced Martin into taking the plea in the first place. And just when you think that Wilcox is going to throw her in jail for contempt, she calms down, slightly. The glum music has a calming effect upon her. "We make our decisions, and yes, we force our client's hands based on the case they have, and whether they can make their burden." She looks like she's about to burst into tears. "This case was a lie." Pause. "A knowing lie, which my client relied upon to his detriment."

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