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Who says lawyers are all liars?

The three freedom fighters are waiting for the judge's verdict. Lindsay asks if she "lost it." Rod says, "A little." But hopefully her passion "will count." Eugene looks at his watch: "He said twenty minutes." Oh, it's not looking good for poor Martin -- not good at all.

The Firm. Jimmy closes the door after Spanky enters the room and sits down. He says, "As far as the police are concerned there's still no evidence." Of course, that's because he's innocent. Man, this episode is full of fraud and innocence. Are there no other legal issues they could possibly deal with on this damn show? It's murder this week, murder next week, attempted murder, half-baked murder, half-hearted murder, angry murder, murder for hire, murder for vengeance, and does anyone get murdered in this town without the DA or The Firm being personally involved? Anyway. Spanky wants to know about the status of the lottery winnings, because he's so broken up about his poor wife's demise. Well, his wife's estate can still make a claim for the cash; does he want Jimmy to follow up on that? No. He's going to find another lawyer, if it's all the same to Jimmy. Fine. They're done then. Ha! No, Jimmy still owes Spanky the money. Jimmy plays hardball: "I think we're done, Sid." Come on, he's got debts to pay off, but Jimmy doesn't budge: "What do you say you walk out that door, forget my debt and I'll forget how you threatened your wife." Spanky snarls, "It's privileged." Nope, bodily threats don't apply to privilege. Spanky threatens Jimmy right back: How come Jimmy didn't say anything, especially if he thought Sid was going to hurt his wife? That doesn't look good for the Lump. Jimmy didn't hear the "threat" because he just wanted to pay off his debt, and now, a woman is dead. Sid says, "Truth is I got more on you then you've got on me." Jimmy gets up: "I'm asking you to get out of this office, now." Sid claims that Jimmy is "making [him] upset." And from what Jimmy has seen, does Spanky respond to stress well? Jimmy snarls back, "You're threatening me now?" Sid bangs Jimmy on the arm with his newspaper -- of course not, but he does want his money, and Jimmy's got a week before bones get broken and heads roll.

Hunky DA, Master DA, Lindsay, Bobby, and Eugene all file into Judge Wilcox's Chambers. The judge explains that he wants to talk to them off the record for a portion of the result, and that's why they aren't in the courtroom. Alan starts blathering on about office policy and court reporters. The judge shuts him down; he doesn't care about office policy. Kenny says they're fine without a court reporter. The judge thinks that the due process in this case sucks. Kenny starts to dance, but the judge tells him to "save it." Blah deny the motion to withdraw the plea, blah the judge doesn't want to embarrass the DA's office in public. Blah he's disgusted with their conduct, and it sickens him that the two of them can't see that what they did was wrong. Kenny: blah the law blah. Martin's guilty; he should rot in jail. The judge sniffs and threatens Kenny with contempt; Kenny doesn't bite, but instead blathers on about being officers of the court who don't need to be railed on for acting within the bounds of the law. In short, if the judge had a choice, he would set aside the plea, but he just can't. Lindsay begs him. The judge can't throw out a knowing and voluntary plea on the grounds that have been presented. He looks to Lindsay: "You negotiated what you thought was a good deal." She could have challenged the evidence or gone on with the trial. But the plea must stand, and the defendant's motion is denied. Kenny the Conqueror looks mighty pleased with himself and Lindsay looks mighty pissed.

They file out of chambers and into the hallway. Lindsay, Bobby, and Eugene walk toward the elevator, but before she steps on the car, she changes her mind and charges toward Alan. Bobby yells, "Lindsay!" Lindsay reams out Alan, who is probably thinking that the Battle of the Bulge over on Band of Brothers is better than sitting through one of Lindsay's takedowns. Blah I asked you for a favour, and you played it like one, blah I won't be forgetting this, this was dishonest, blah an innocent kid in prison who might not be able to live with your actions blah.

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