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Liberty Bells (2)

Back at defense HQ, also known as Mary's living room, Ellenor asks Lucy to meet with a convict named Joel Bullock. This guy is a professional prison informant and supposedly taught Earl Taylor everything he knows. Earl Taylor is the creep who fabricated Stuart's supposed confession. Ellenor wants to find out how Taylor learned the details of the Stuart's alleged crime. Ellenor explains that the reason she wants Lucy to meet with Bullock is that he has a "thing for young girls." Just how much are they paying Lucy, anyway? I doubt it's enough for this kind of crap. I guess it's a mark of how desperate Ellenor is, because normally I think she would be too sensitive to Lucy's feelings, especially considering some of the things Lucy's been through on the show, to ask her to do something like this. Anyway, Lucy wrinkles up her face and tells Ellenor, "Forget it." Ellenor argues that she'll be separated from Bullock by a partition. Yeah, that'll make it so much less icky. Lucy asks if she has to do this; Ellenor says that she doesn't, but that she might be their best shot. From the other side of the room, Eugene, who's sitting in a chair staring at all the crime-scene pictures that are pinned up all over the walls (how'd Mary get all those, anyway?), says, "The clothes." He explains that Alyssa Kearns was raped and killed while wearing a nightshirt, but there's nothing in the files about the clothing being tested. All the semen samples came from the rape kit swabs. Because the rape kit was introduced at trial, having it re-tested with DNA testing procedures does not sufficiently constitute new evidence, but since the clothing wasn't tested, that should be considered new evidence. Ellenor wonders where the nightshirt would be; she finally surmises that Alyssa's body probably went to the coroner wearing it.

Eugene and Ellenor speak to the coroner about the nightshirt; he says that the nightshirt was sent to the mortuary along with the body, at the request of Alyssa's father. Eugene asks, "And why the hell would he request that?" Ellenor thinks for a moment and says, "Kearns . . . he must be Jewish." The coroner glances at the file and confirms this. Ellenor continues, "It's an ancient Jewish custom: Let the victim of a violent crime be buried in the clothes they died in. It's thought to arouse compassion in God, and hasten the end of the exile." This is the sort of arcane tidbit that David Kelley is always throwing into his scripts. Eugene asks, "Really?" Ellenor says, "She was buried in the nightshirt. It's in the coffin."

At some unspecified prison, Lucy waits nervously on one side of a heavy wire partition to speak to the slimeball, Joel Bullock. He sits down, ogles her, and asks, "What are you, fifteen?" Lucy says, "What are you, an untreated pedophile?" Actually, she doesn't, but she should have. Lucy tries to get down to business right away and launches into an explanation about Stuart Donovan, but before she gets very far, Slimeball asks her to show him a "little something" before they get started. "You know, flashy-flashy, something trashy." Excuse me while I go mail a package of my vomit to this guy. Lucy's rather nauseated to realize he expects her to flash him, and says she's not going to do it. He leers and says, "Show me one little titty. One little titty will speak volumes. You give, I give, little miss. That's the way justice works." Ugh. Why can I not get past thinking that DEK gets off on writing this stuff? They go back and forth over this until Lucy finally negotiates that he talks first and then she'll decide what to show him. Slimeball finally explains that Taylor got the details on the murder by calling the coroner's office and pretending to be a police officer, then he pretended to be a bail bondsman and called the inmate reception centre to "get the skinny on the perp," and finally he posed as an assistant district attorney and called the DA's record room. Slimeball claims that's all you need to do to get the information on any crime. Lucy can't believe someone can accomplish all that while incarcerated. He claims he's seen Earl do it in less than fifteen minutes. Then he says, "All right, little lady. Titty showtime." Did I say "ugh" already? Lucy looks anxious, but lifts her shirt enough for him to see her navel, which looks pierced but it's hard to tell through the wire partition. He's like, "That's it? Stomach?" She says, "Bye, Joel," and takes off. He calls after her, "I give you everything and you give me stomach?" Be thankful she didn't give you the contents of her stomach, dirtbag.

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