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Liberty Bells (2)

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Liberty Bells (2)

After the commercials, it's night and they're all at defense HQ. Mary's asking, "Why don't we just go and dig up the body ourselves?" She's definitely losing it. Ellenor says they can't do that. Mary says, "Why? Because it's a crime? I'll serve the time. If I get DNA that'll clear my son . . ." Ellenor discourages her. She does suggest that it's not a bad idea for her to go with Jimmy to see Mr. Kearns, for whatever sympathy points that may score them. Mary asks Jimmy if Mr. Kearns knows of their visit; Jimmy replies that Mr. Kearns doesn't know what he's coming to request. Ellenor instructs Eugene to check out the execution equipment. Ellenor pauses and looks kind of unsteady; Jimmy gently asks if she's okay. "I'm fine," Ellenor lies. "I'm fine."

Mr. Kearns looks pained. "How did you expect me to respond, Mr. Berluti?" Jimmy says, "Terrible." Just once I wish David Kelley would not force Jimmy to use adjectives when the situation calls for adverbs. I guess it's supposed to be some signifier about Jimmy's relative class or lack thereof, but it bugs. Jimmy says that according to the mortician, the nightshirt was folded and put in the casket with his daughter. Which causes me to wonder if that really fulfills the custom of burying the victim in the clothes in which they died. Jimmy says they wouldn't have to touch or disturb Alyssa's remains. Mr. Kearns replies, "I can't believe I'm sitting in my own living room, listening --" His voice breaks off. Mrs. Donovan takes a run at bonding with Mr. Kearns over having both lost a child, but he's not having any of it. "Mrs. Donovan, you and I have nothing in common." She says that if there's DNA evidence implicating her son, she'll drop any further action. Jimmy says that he would think that a father would want to know for sure. Mr. Kearns responds, "Oh, you would think that, would you, Mr. Berluti?" Mary says she's begging him. Jimmy finally sells him on the grounds of getting closure and being compassionate. Mr. Kearns asks what they would be doing. Jimmy says they would open the lid, take the nightshirt, and put her right back in the ground. Mr. Kearns finally nods his silent agreement. I thought we could have used a little more development here to explain why he finally agreed to this; I think Jimmy got there too easily.

Eugene's inspecting the execution equipment. Three guys are showing him the drill. They've got a dummy strapped to a table in a room, and then they go into another room attached to it, and two of the guys flip a bunch of switches. The machine controls a bunch of cylinders, which carefully dispense the deadly chemicals. In a matter of a few seconds, they announce that the deed is done. ["Did this whole scene remind you of Mr. Death? The movie about Fred Leuchter? It totally gave me the shudders." -- ragdoll] Their supervisor says, "Okay, let's start from the top. This time we'll do it as if the condemned was struggling." Eugene looks like he can think of several hundred places he'd rather be.

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