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Liberty Bells (2)

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Liberty Bells (2)

Back at prison, Jimmy and Mary meet with Stuart. They tell him what's happened; he can't believe that the prosecution is floating this theory that he had co-conspirators. Stuart asks, "Why are they doing this?" Jimmy explains that they're desperate to believe they have the right guy. Jimmy explains Stuart will be transferred to the court for the hearing with Judge Wood. Stuart asks if they've heard from the Supreme Court; Jimmy says they don't seem to be returning the defense's calls. Mary tells him they're not giving up. Jimmy goes on to explain that if they lose at the hearing, Stuart will be taken directly from court to "the place." Stuart asks, "'The place' . . . you mean the place where they put me to death?" Jimmy informs Stuart that he should do his prison farewells in the morning.

Platt's meeting with his superior, advising him of the status of the case. Michael, the other guy, asks whose semen it was on the nightshirt. Platt says they don't know, but he doesn't think it means anything and there could be co-conspirators. Platt complains, "These lawyers, they don't quit. They dug up the rape kit on their own, they've . . . they're very good, Michael." Michael asks, "How the hell did they get the father to agree to an exhumation?" Platt responds, "I'm telling you, they don't quit." Michael says he'll argue. He asks Platt, "This is the killer, right?" Platt says, "I know it is." Michael insists, "I'll argue. We're not losing him on the day of execution."

Ellenor's working late at defense HQ. Eugene asks her how's she doing; she's pitching files around on her desk pointlessly and saying that she's just got so much, she doesn't know what to argue, or whether she should argue everything, or how long Judge Wood will even listen. She goes on to tell Eugene that when Stuart first went to prison, he banged his head against the bars for thirty-eight hours straight, saying that he wouldn't stop until somebody heard the truth. Then the prison forced him to take anti-psychotic medication for three years. I'm thinking Ellenor may need some of that medication soon. She's on the edge. Eugene tells her she can't take the case too personally and that she won't be any good if she lets her emotions take over during the hearing. She considers getting Eugene to do it, but he claims he's not as prepared as Ellenor. She confesses she's having a lot of trouble keeping everything sorted out in her mind, between her emotions and the facts of the case and everything. "I can tell you one thing: I am never gonna do another death penalty case. I can't handle it. I just can't." She's almost in tears. Eugene offers his hand; she holds it gratefully.

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