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Life Sentence

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Life Sentence

And whoosh, we're in Richard's office. Helen pops in. Tellingly, Richard asks, "To what do I owe this?" Notice he omits the word "pleasure." Helen informs him that she was just assigned second chair on his case. Richard is annoyed (one of his only two modes) and wonders why this is felt to be necessary. Helen admits that she asked to be put on it, and tells Richard he's under review. Basically, because this is a high-profile case, and he's lost some big cases of late, there's some concern. Also, Helen claims Richard has lost his "poise," especially when he's up against Ellenor. She reminds him that it's an election year and there could be changes. Richard's slowly grasping that his job may be on the line and that Helen is trying to help him. She points out that he's also been something of a loose cannon. No kidding. Richard reluctantly decides to accept the situation.

Over at DYD&F, Lindsay and Bobby are arguing. How refreshing! It seems that there's been a big invitation snafu. Bobby is asking incredulously, "Three hundred and ninety people?" Lindsay claims it wasn't her fault; the idiot at the stationery shop made a mistake. Instead of sending invitations to the guest list only, she also sent invitations to everyone on the wedding-announcement-only. Apparently Bobby and Lindsay imagine that there are close to four hundred people who would actually care one way or another that they got married. I laugh until my ribs hurt. At this point Rebecca wanders in and pleasantly asks what's going on. Run, Rebecca, run! Run for your life! Bobby tells Rebecca what happened and continues griping at Lindsay, who keeps saying it wasn't her fault. Which may be true; on the other hand, if she wasn't too much of a princess to address her own damn invitations, maybe it wouldn't have happened. (Hmm . . . guess who spent umpteen hours making all the invitations for her wedding by hand, never mind addressing them? Cranky? Me?) Bobby continues to blame her, saying that she was in charge of it all; Lindsay counters that that was only because she couldn't get Bobby interested in any of those details. They go back and forth, Lindsay complaining that she has to do everything. Bobby says that if it were up to him, they'd elope. Lindsay tells him to plan it. Bobby complains that he doesn't even know three hundred and ninety people, much less three hundred and ninety people who can even stand him enough to attend a wedding and drop the bucks for a Cuisinart. Okay, I know you know I embellished the last part. But it's still true. Rebecca tries to intervene, suggesting that they're both "acting out," as if either of those two know any other way to behave. Without so much as looking at Rebecca, Princess Lindsay snaps at her to "stay out of it" and huffs out of the office with Bobby hot on her heels. Rebecca says to herself, "Okay, I will stay out of it."

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