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Life Sentence

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Life Sentence

Back at the courthouse, Richard questions a cop at Sally's trial. An interpreter stands beside the witness box to sign everything for Sally. The cop explains that they had just taken Mr. Whittier into custody when he saw Sally Berg approaching from across the street; he says he and his partner both instructed her not to approach, but she ignored the order. He says she pulled out a gun, saying something about her daughter, at which point they drew their own weapons but it was too late. Richard announces that he wants to play the videotape now, and Judge Hiller instructs the jury that the footage was shot by a local news team and that both parties have stipulated to its admissibility. Richard plays the video, which shows the usual media circus outside the house where Michael Whittier is being brought out in handcuffs. A reporter is commenting on the proceedings, and indicating that he has been arrested for the rape and murder of seven-year-old Jessica Berg. Richard pauses the tape and directs the jury to pay close attention to the right side of the screen, and then continues playing the tape. The cops are walking Whittier to their vehicle when suddenly he's shot twice by a woman whose back is to the camera. Sally watches the tape impassively. Of course, the crowd goes wild as he falls to the ground. Sally's a pretty good shot, at least one of the bullets should have gone straight into his heart. The tape ends shortly thereafter. Richard asks the cop to make a positive identification of the person who fired the shots; of course the cop testifies that Sally Berg did it. She looks at the cop with no trace of remorse.

After the commercials, Lucy decides to take a shot at talking to Bobby. I guess with half the lawyers out of the office she wasn't getting enough abuse. She starts by saying, "Look, Bobby, I don't mean to be nosy, but . . ." Bobby says, "You don't mean to be nosy? Since when?" She mentions the fighting between him and Lindsay, which he denies. Lucy says, "Well, she's fighting, but . . . you're just not involved enough to realize it." Bobby asks Lucy if it would be possible for her to stay out of it. At that moment Lindsay storms in and throws two huge books down on Bobby's credenza by the door, and barks, "Foley depo!" He thanks her. She then asks him snarkily (if that's not a word, it should be) if he managed to remember that they go in for their marriage license today; he testily says yes. Lucy decides to leave, sort of; she hangs out listening by the door. Bobby asks Lindsay, "What is your problem?" She claims she has no problem; he brings up the invitation screw-up again. Blah blah blah, I do all the work, I have to do everything. Well, you're the one who wants a big-ass wedding, Princess. He wants to elope. Do the damn work and shut the hell up. He brings up the fact that earlier she complained that he was controlling everything (though he's not willing to use the word "control"); she snaps that that was the church and his "dead mother's dress." But when it comes to all the "work," he can't be bothered. (Yeah, I guess it is a lot of work to write a cheque to someone for addressing all your invitations.) I wonder why she felt the need to call it his "dead" mother's dress -- I mean, Bobby knows perfectly well that his mother's dead. And I don't think the fact that the dress belonged to someone who's now dead has any bearing on its wearability or desirability. In fact, that dress was hideous, and I'm pretty sure Lindsay wouldn't have been willing to wear it if his mother were still alive. So just shut up about his "dead" mother. In fact, just shut up. Then, Bridezilla drags out one of the oldest ones in the book, "I don't think you even want to be married!" In unison, Bobby and I say, "Here we go!" The Princess of Petulance says, "Don't 'here we go' me! If you 'here we go' me one more time, I am going to scream, okay? Do you hear me?" Lucy is getting more and more concerned at her post by the door. The argument keeps degenerating into immaturity and peevishness and I just can't transcribe any more of this idiotic dialogue. Finally Princess storms out, and as she passes Lucy, who hasn't said a word, she snaps, "Bug off!" Lucy says to Bobby, "Nice to know you can make her scream." The dialogue just does not even bear commentary, it really doesn't.

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