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Losers Keepers

The Firm. Young Lucy is opening for business. On her way to her desk, she steps on a brown eight-and-a-half-by-eleven envelope. Licking her lips, she opens the envelope and pulls out a picture of a nun holding a copy of the Boston Herald. Once Lucy focuses on the picture, her face contorts into a strange combination of concern and fear; she holds the picture in one hand and starts searching through her desk drawers for a magnifying glass. From behind, a pair of slacks starts making its way toward her. A shadow creeps up behind the young woman as her lips move while she's reading the paper in the picture. The tension mounts. Bobby "Sneakers" Donnell taps her gently on the shoulder: "Lucy?" She shrieks, whips around, sees who it is and says: "Ah, you scared me!" He apologizes. She calls his attention to the photograph: "Bobby, look at this! It's a nun holding the Boston Herald with yesterday's date!" What? "Look! He's still out there! The nun that stabbed Lindsay; he's still out there! Bobby, do you see this?" She's holding the picture out as Bobby walks around her desk over to the front door. Lucy starts shrieking, screaming, "Why does he have to do this," and getting very upset. "Calm down!" Bobby admonishes her as he investigates the front door to make sure the lock hasn't been tampered with. Lucy wonders what he's doing; the senior partner points out that the picture was taken in the office. Looking around, Bobby can't quite believe it himself: "He knows how to get in!" With conviction, Lucy says: "He's alive. With his own key!" Oh! Very scary! Thank goodness we have the credits to break the tension.

The Firm. Boston Police are milling about -- dusting for prints, turning things over, investigating the crime scene -- this office sure sees a lot of action. Det. McGuire is there, and so is Helen; she suggests the picture could have been taken by a copycat. "Could." The detective responds, "But this doesn't fit the profile of a copycat." What exactly is the profile of a copycat? They say these things with such conviction that you never really question them, but in the end, a lot of what the cops say on this show makes no sense. Ellenor: "It fits Joey Heric's profile. He would love to taunt us this way." Eugene sneers as he suggests that Ellie blames Joey for everything. Jimmy "The Lump" Berluti asks if it is at all possible the lock was picked? Det. Mike shakes his head from over near the door: "Doesn't look like it." Lindsay "The Princess of Prim" Dole snips, "Are you telling me the man who stabbed me might still be out there?" From the front of the shot, Lucy cuts in: "Never mind 'out there,' Lindsay! How'd he get in here?" Helen begs them to calm down. Jimmy "Choose Your Own Adventure" Berluti pipes up, "It's got to be connected to that nun-killer case."

Rebecca makes her way through the surprisingly crowded courthouse to sit on a bench beside a fellow who looks like a combination of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. You know, you'd think that would be a great combination, but somehow this guy has ended up looking kind of awkward. Rebecca is bringing back the offer to her client. She sits down and announces that he'll get six months. He's upset that he even has to serve. "Ronnie!" his lawyer chides him as he continues, "She darted out in front of me! I wasn't even speeding!" Well, that's not really the point, dude; you fled the scene, thus defining "hit and run." They just don't let you off, no matter whether you think the pedestrian was at fault. Ronnie wants the fact that he turned himself in to count for something. He has a strong Boston accent. In fact, in the whole time that I've been watching the show, I can probably count on one hand the number of people who have actually had Boston accents: this character, and one or two jury members -- that's about it. Rebecca lets her client know that if he wants to go to trial, they can, both she and the prosecution are ready; if they lose, though, he could get two to three years instead of the six months. She recommends the deal (and grasps his arm to exhibit the serious nature of the situation). Ronnie nods his head in agreement and drawls, "Alright." We pause there for a second.

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