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Losers Keepers

Ronald Vega Trial. ADA Jennifer asks Ronnie to confirm he was the driver of the car that hit Elizabeth Nickson. He signed, sealed, and delivered a full confession. Jennifer asks if Ronnie told Rebecca that Mr. Barrington had paid him for his confession. "Yeah," he says, "but I was lyin' to her. He never paid me. I hit the woman and I'm acceptin' responsibility." Cut to Rebecca questioning Ronnie about the very same thing, and she asks specifically if he changed his story after a visit from Barrington's lawyer. "Yeah," Ronnie drawls, "because he appealed to my conscience." We all know it's not about conscience. The dirty lawyer for Dirty Barrington asked him if he really wanted to be sued for falsely accusing someone. Does Dirty have no shame? Rebecca recounts how it was Ronnie who told her to go to his apartment and get the thirty thousand Dirty Barrington had paid him. ADA Jennifer objects, because Rebecca is testifying. The Swack overrules. Rebecca continues to grill him about the money: why didn't he put it in the bank? How did he save that much money when he only makes eleven thousand a year? ADA Jennifer objects to Rebecca breaking attorney-client privilege. The Swack: "Counsel. You're lucky enough to have a scumball who confessed. Why don't you just sit and be happy with that?" Objection is overruled. Calmly, Rebecca continues to question Ronnie: "Taking the fall for a homicide! I bet you're getting a lot for that!" He re-states that it was he driving the car, but he won't look at Rebecca. She asks why, and he gets petulant: "I'd look at you, but you're just some ambitious bitch doing I don't know what or why!" She throws the sentence back in his face, walks away, and we break for commercials.

Hellenor's. Ellenor asks if George is sure he doesn't want to stay for dinner. With a strained smile, George replies that he already has plans. "Ah!" Ellenor smiles. "Have you got a hot date?" The man is deadpan: "Are you making fun of me, Ellenor?" No, she replies, she wasn't. She is oblivious to the strange looks passing from roommate to friend as Ellenor smiles and asks if George feels like walking her out. He gives me, and Helen, the creeps -- finally, we agree on something.

Ronald Vega Trial. Rebecca is giving her closing statement: lawyers saying their clients are innocent when the client himself says he's guilty. Sounds crazy, doesn't it? She's breaking rules all over the place. Turns the tables on The Swack, calling out his mouth-taping, his poor language, laying many grounds for appeal. Integrity of the room, blah blah, Ronald Vega doesn't care about the room, blah blah, you the jury should, blah blah. Rebecca extols Ronnie's negative values; he screams, "You don't represent me," The Swack threatens to tape his mouth again. Rebecca: "You want to rot in jail for cash, it's not just your business. It's mine and it's theirs. I won't be bought off, and I doubt you will be either." On and on with the oath, the truth, blah blah, you know the truth, Ronald Vega wasn't driving that car. Turn to Jennifer yammering on about convictions with confessions, what's the matter with the justice system anyway? Oh, what's the big deal about evidence? Admission of guilt? No big deal! Oh, she's so losing this trial -- that's why she's just "ADA Jennifer" with no last name.

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