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Losers Keepers

The Firm. Detective McGuire is still inspecting the alleged break-in. Bobby, Eugene, and the cop are doing the traditional "walking from one room to the next while talking" blocking that drives me nuts. Mike is explaining that the police don't necessarily think that it's the same guy, and that DYD&F have had a lot of high profile cases lately, so it could be someone using the nun "motif." Eugene "The Rock" Young: "So. What you're saying is -- you don't have a clue?" Detective Mike doesn't answer and sort of looks at the ground for a second before the High And Mighty Saviour of Stabbed Fiancés pipes up: "So what's going to be done?" Mike responds that they'll investigate, but as it stands, they haven't even gotten a death threat. Obviously, it's not on the top of the police's list of "things to do." You know those pesky rapists, murderers, and car thieves; they all come before a pack of whining, sniveling lawyers afraid of a little picture. Bobby starts barking as he orders Lindsay to move in with him that night, and Ellenor asks Lindsay, "Do you still have your gun?" Lindsay pulls the pistol out of the top drawer of her desk. Jimmy, for once the voice of reason, gets up to say, "Let's not overreact here!" Ellenor snaps, "There's some psycho targeting us, Jimmy!" Bobby "The Patri-not" Donnell blabs, "And you think a gun's going to be the answer?" Ellenor responds that she'd sure like the gun better in her hands than in his. Jimmy shakes his head and notes that "this guy was already winning." The Lump makes sense -- I mean, come on. Hire a security guard for the next little while, change a lock like the detective suggests, but for goodness sake, could we do without the gun rhetoric for a while?

Courthouse. A woman's voice announces Ronnie's case: "30501. Commonwealth vs. Ronald Vega. Reckless driving. Leaving the scene of an accident." Actually, I think that it wasn't an actor at all, but rather the computerized voice that hums on my phone-company answering machine. Judge "Swashbuckling" Swackheim presides, and, of course, he can't keep it to himself: "Another police conspiracy, Counselor?" No. Rebecca grits her teeth to stop herself from reaching across the room and strangling the jerk. The DA known only as "ADA Jennifer" pipes up: "Your Honour, we've reached a tentative agreement subject to the approval of the court." Lay it on him. She asks for a moment as another prosecution person whispers something in her ear. She does a little look-to-the-left-look-to-the-right to heighten the tension before she whispers to Rebecca, "I'm sorry, the agreement is off." Something you'd like to share? Well, it's not a good day for poor Ronnie, because the victim of his hit-and-run died this morning -- the prosecution wants to withdraw the plea agreement, add vehicular homicide to the charges, and then move forward. The defense attorney is noticeably angered as the judge orders bond set at seventy-five hundred: "This is outrageous!" Of course, the judge just can't let it go: "Yes. Well, given the fact that your client confessed, I suggest that you get together with the DA and work out a plea." As he's being dragged out by the courthouse guards, Ronnie shouts that he needs to talk to Rebecca, but she's too busy chasing the turncoat known as ADA Jennifer. They throw open the doors of the courtroom and stop in the hall. "What the hell?" Rebecca demands. As they continue walking, the DA explains that the doctors have connected the death with the accident; there's nothing she can really do. Well, there's one thing: she could stop calling Rebecca "Bec" -- it's insulting. ADA Jennifer's willing to give Ronnie five years. She rationalizes the deal by saying that "Swack" would give him eight by throwing the homicide into the mix. Rebecca nods her head and says she'll need to talk to Ronnie "Keep On Running" Vega before she'll agree to the deal.

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