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Losers Keepers

ADA Jennifer's office. "Sounds a little like a tall tale, Rebecca." The lawyer agrees, "but with one exception." And she places a box with many, many rolls of bills inside on the desk. With a wink, Rebecca says, "Not a bribe! It's evidence. Thirty thousand, and he promised to pay him an extra ten for every month he spent in jail." Witnesses? Of course not. But Rebecca ran Barrington's records and found he has two DUIs. Well, that's nothing compared to the two priors for cocaine Ronnie has under his belt. Rebecca defends him: "Ronnie has been straight, sober and honest for six years." ADA Jennifer's not convinced but she will talk to "this Barrington guy." Ronnie's lawyer wants to be there, and Jennifer sort of agrees: "But if I find that we've been put through the ringer on this, I'm taking five years off the table and I'm pushing for eight." Our Beige-Suited Defense Attorney is insulted that the ADA thinks she's trying to put one over on her. The ADA throws out a familiar line: it's not Rebecca they don't trust, it's the client.

Boston Street. Ellenor is walking down the sidewalk. Only we don't know it's Ellenor right away, we're just supposed to guess it's her because the camera chooses only to focus on her purse. It finally pans up to her stern, dedicated face as she barrels down the walk. There is an altercation, and the contents of Ellenor's suspicious-looking purse tumble out for all passersby to see. Oh, lucky for Ellenor -- it's just George "Non-Head-Chopping, Non-Nun-Habit-Wearing" Vogelman, coming to visit her at work. They bicker about Ellenor's gun. Oh, how ironic. He suggests that she needn't have a gun, but rather she should move out of her apartment; it's in an awful neighborhood. It's been taken care of -- Ellenor's moving in with Helen. George, for some narcissistic reason, wants to know the details from this morning, so he invites Ellenor for dinner. She hesitantly agrees to meet him at five-thirty at Angelino's. How does he change his clothes so quickly?

Dirty Barrington's office. The police, district attorney, and counsel for the defense are present at the interview. Hell, they don't even drag the bastard down to the precinct; they just let him sit all comfy in his leather chair while poor Ronnie rots in jail. Now, let's talk tall tales: how easy is it for rich people to get away with murder? Just about this easy: See, Ronnie looked a little rattled when Barrington went to pick up the car, so he decided to check it out before he paid him. Then Ronnie confessed to Barrington, became very distraught, and started to cry. Jennifer asks whose idea it was to call the police. Oddly, Barrington's holding a stress ball in his right hand; it matches his leather chair, which matches the truly awful sculpture visible from the shot. It's some sort of nude study of a man holding what looks to be an oversized eagle. Hideous. Anyway, Dirty Barrington starts to stink up the room with his sleazy lies. He manages to convince the police, but not Rebecca; she asks the hard questions: "Why were you getting your car detailed at night?" He turns and gives her a smirk: "I typically get my car done at night because that's when I'm not using it." With a glance at Rebecca's unforgiving face, and then a look at the DA, Dirty Barrington deduces that he's the one being investigated. Well, if the shoe fits, asshole. Jennifer lays it on the line, the whole story, that Vega claims that Barrington's the one who hit Elizabeth Nickson, and that he paid Vega to take the fall: "You're not taking him seriously?" Barrington patronizes, and then dismisses, the three Justice-keeters.

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