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Losers Keepers

The Firm. Bobby "And Clyde" Donnell is admonishing the women for taking part in the gun fiasco. He and Lindsay are screaming at one another. Of course. Good to see that some things never change. Bobby, ever the upholder of the canon of the bar, taunts the two with a little "you're lawyers," then screams at them for buying the gun from "God knows who," and lets them know what he really thinks about them breaking the law. ["My God, what would this firm do without Bobby's steadfast moral guidance?" -- deborah] Hell, why on earth would they even tell him? It's no one's business but Ellenor's if she decides to spend six hundred and fifty dollars on a hot gun. He continues his tirade, looks indignant, and asks them what they'd do if the two of them ended up getting disbarred over this entire situation. Mrs. Bickerson sneers, and I mean sneers, as Lindsay's entire top lip curls into her nose when she says: "Oh, Bobby. Shut up." And I say again, these two are getting married? Jimmy attempts to calm them down, but Bobby's having none of it: "The fact that we're engaged does not mean that I'm not still senior partner. You don't speak to me like that in here." He points his finger at her. She bites it off and tries to drag him outside. Again, Jimmy tries to get them to cool it, but both of them snap at the poor Lump. "Be quiet!" Bobby screams, while Lindsay yells, "Stay out of it!" Oh, how do I hate these two, let me count the ways. The Bickersons take one more nearly evil look at one another and walk back to their respective corners. Poor Lump. He retires to lick his wounds, and for some reason he doesn't bash the two of them in the head with the desk lamp. That's what I'd do.

ADA Jennifer's office. Rebecca and her beige suit are back for yet another conference about Ronnie's case. Life really sucks sometimes: Dirty Barrington's wife gave him an alibi, says she was with him the whole time. "Well, what did you expect? She's his wife," Rebecca counters. The ADA tells Rebecca that they are pressing forward against Vega. They start to argue about the case. They have a signed confession. He was paid to give that, but unfortunately, Rebecca just can't prove it, leaving her client hung out to dry: "The only case you'll be able to prove is against Vega. Why even investigate Barrington, because with Ronnie's testimony he represents automatic reasonable doubt." She wants a lie detector test. It's not admissible but it's accurate. The powers that be are instructing ADA Jennifer to move forward against Vega. I feel bad for Rebecca; she has the word of her client that he didn't commit this crime but she can't prove it. And I feel bad for ADA Jennifer because, regardless of whether she believes Ronnie or not, she has enough evidence to convict him, and therefore must move ahead. Rebecca shakes her head at the other woman, and they both look defeated. It's a sad world we live in where real estate barons get away with murder. ["Or former football stars. Money talks." -- Sars]

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