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Losers Keepers

Holding Cell. Rebecca and her beige suit are now on their way to see Ronnie. The light is very yellow in the room, casting a bleak shadow over the lawyer and her client. She slams down her briefcase and informs Ronnie that Dirty Barrington's wife is providing an alibi and that the prosecution is moving forward against him. She wants to try the case and throw the deal to the wind. If Ronnie can persuade Rebecca, then he'll surely be able to convince one juror, and you know what you've got then: reasonable doubt. After the locker-room-worthy, Stanley-Cup-winning pep talk, Ronnie does an about-face; he too has decided to toe the party line. "I'm sorry?" Rebecca says. "It was me," he continues, "I hit the woman. I decided to stick with my confession. Let that be that." She jumps up and follows him to one of the windows: "Wait a second. You're going back to saying you drove the car?" Yes. Her wily female intuition kicks in as she asks, "Have you had any visitors here?" He doesn't answer her; we can see his reflection in the glass. It makes his face look all wonky. She repeats, "Anyone here to see you?" Ronnie turns and mentions that Mr. Barrington's attorney had been to see him, and asked why Ronnie was accusing Ol' Dirty of doing something that he had done. Rebecca crosses her arms and wants to know what he sold himself for this time? They appealed to his conscience, he says. Yeah, right. And the fat bank account is just a bonus. And the selling-poor-Ronnie-down-the-river, that's just a perk, huh? The offensive odour of Dirty Barrington threatens to asphyxiate Rebecca and Ronnie as they cling to their lives in the little glass box. She explains again to that he can't do that -- this is a homicide, and she doesn't care how much they are offering him to take the fall, it's going to ruin his life. Okay, he might look like an awkward cross between Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, which is strange enough, but on top of that poor Ronnie sounds like Kermit the Frog on steroids. "Do you know the first thing about my life, Ms. Washington? My parents were dead when I was nine. I never finished high school. I make about eleven thousand dollars a year if I'm lucky. Going to prison may be the best way of preventing me from becoming a criminal." Rebecca stands in front of him with her arms crossed; she's holding her ground: "You're a criminal right now if you do what you're talking about." She can't win; he's sticking to the story.

Swack's Chambers. The ever-so-understanding judge is helpless -- or, should I say, he refuses to be helpful, because that's just the way he is: "What do you expect me to do about it?" He holds his hands out in the "so" gesture. Rebecca's in chambers asking to be let off the case. She can't knowingly defraud the court. He's not convinced: "You don't know anything. You suspect!" He then rambles on about the court being even further defrauded if Rebecca were let off the case, because then some second-rate hack would come in and let Ronnie plead out, further destroying the integrity of the time-honoured system. "How did you get so cynical?" She asks. He leans forward to explain that he's not cynical; he's annoyed. Well, if it quacks like a duck. She doesn't much like his flippancy: "Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sure you have a nice bowel movement planned to give your day some meaning." Heh. Bowel movement. Heh. Meaning. Heh. She moves around closer to his desk while the Swack gives her the stink-eye for the BM comment: "Have you been listening to what I've been saying? A kid has been bought off to take a homicide rap, in your court. If that doesn't bother you then don't tell me you're not cynical, or jaded or even putrid for that matter." He leans back in his chair. In the end, the Swack-Attack does the right thing. He rejects "the kid's" guilty plea in return for a trial but forces Rebecca to stay on as counsel. They bicker about how Rebecca can't stay on; after all, she might have to be a witness because of what she heard. He'll have none of it, in the interest of justice and "non-cynicism"; she's the best lawyer for the job. He dismisses Rebecca with a little "ten o'clock, Counsel. You delay my bowel movement one more second and I'll hold you in contempt." Heh. Bowel Movement. Heh. Potty humour. Heh. Rebecca sighs the longest sigh I've heard in a long time and accepts her fate. ["Well, since deborah's last recap, anyway." -- Sars]

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The Practice




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