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Losers Keepers

The Ronald Vega Trial. There is a detective on the stand, and before you say anything -- no, it's actually not McGuire. This guy explains that Ronnie was crying when they arrived at the scene, and that he was accompanied by Mr. Barrington, the owner of the car. It's a good story if you like dirty rotten lies: Ronnie hit the woman while driving the car back to Mr. Barrington, and it was Mr. Barrington who convinced the young man to call the police. The jurors are taking notes. Rebecca asks if the police, at that time, looked into whether or not Mr. Barrington was driving the car. At first the cop doesn't answer correctly, spits out a little "he was questioned later," which causes Rebecca to re-state her question. She immediately jumps into the thirty-thousand-dollar defense, causing the ADA to object and Vega to shout, "I made that up!" The Swack tells Ronnie to take his seat and overrules the objection. The judge threatens to tape Ronnie's mouth shut unless, well, he shuts it, but Ronnie just keeps screaming that he wants to plead guilty. It just doesn't make sense: an innocent kid who wants to plead guilty? These kinds of cases don't come around too often. Thank goodness it's Rebecca who's standing up for him. The next shot shows Ronnie with, you guessed it, his mouth taped shut. Rebecca then re-questions the police officer about the alleged pay-off -- someone told him later. The cop continues by stating that he was told the subject had retracted his statement, but Rebecca follows up with, "Are you aware that this retraction was made subsequent to a visit to his cell by Mr. Barrington's attorney?" She's sharp, that Rebecca. Well, the detective wasn't aware of that either, and I'd call that a slam dunk. The jury's still making notes. I'm not sure about this addition to the "realistic" aspect of the show; it all looks a little too put on if you ask me. ADA "Perky" Jennifer jumps up and calls Ronald Vega to the stand. Rebecca objects -- something about a Fifth Amendment. It's a pesky thing, that Fifth Amendment.

Judge Beautiful's chambers. Jimmy hesitantly enters Roberta's office: "What were you thinking?" She wants to know if he's there to compound her humiliation. But you know as well as I do that it's DEK compounding her humiliation -- he wrote the stupid script. We'd all be on the beach right now if "Dummy E. Kelley" hadn't thought it was a good idea to snag a scene from Ally McBeal. Stumbling Bumbler Lump didn't know he and Roberta were speaking, "much less --" Apparently, a trial judge, who has made her entire career, we assume, speaking in one form or another, finds it difficult to come out and tell a man she misses him. Wanna know how easily this could have been avoided? Here: Sound of a phone ringing in Jimmy's office. Hello? says the Lump. Hi, Jimmy, this is ragdoll -- just wanted to tell you that Roberta, a.k.a. Judge Beautiful, really misses you. That's how we could have avoided the whole ridiculous scene. Wait! Instead of calling him, sending him a note, or even dropping by his office: She finds it easier to show up in his apartment naked. Roberta's upset about what people think; Jimmy wants to know why she cares. I want DEK to know that I really don't care one iota what happens to these two after this insulting story line. Okay, I'll stop being such a grouch: the scene ends with the Music of Roberta's Hot Bod as the two embrace. There.

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