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Losers Keepers

The Firm. Bobby has just gotten off the phone with the police. McGuire hasn't found any leads, but he believes that the fact that the stalker has gotten bolder means he's more threatening. Lindsay snipes, "Gee." Frankly, we've all gotten a little sick of her attitude. Bobby gently asks if he can talk to her, and no doubt he's afraid of ending up in the same coma that Lucy was in earlier. Lindsay doesn't look up at him, but says, "Go ahead." Bobby beckons her to his office; in return, she snarls and tries not to burn the entire firm down with her Female Fury while walking across the room. He's mortally offended -- no wait, his ego is mortally offended: "What have I done to deserve this?" She's curt: "You've done absolutely nothing, Bobby." They start bickering. At which point I call in a marriage counselor, who has this to say: "The obvious amount of conflict suggest that these two should never, under any circumstances, marry." Do you think they'll listen? Anyway, Lindsay wants to know what she and Ellenor should do while under the stress of imminent danger? Because buying an illegal gun was so practical. She gets down and dirty: "What should I do? Go and get a restraining order -- 'all murderers stay away'? Expect you to protect me?" Okay, if Bobby looked like David Spade that comment might make sense, but, umm, he's like six feet tall and pretty built; he wouldn't make a bad bodyguard. She is quite a piece of work. Poor Lindsay, she's got scars, does he want to see them? He lets out a little "here we go" under his breath and she takes offense -- again. He starts to explain that he understands what she went through -- but she's having none of that. The marriage counselor pipes up again: "It's obvious that Ms. Dole is taking her anger regarding the situation out on her partner. Perhaps now it might be a good time to mention that a little counseling does wonders in these types of situations." Word. Lindsay continues to bitch about the fact that he really doesn't have a clue what happened to her, because it was she who got stabbed. Three. Times. One. Two. Three. Un. Deux. Trois. "Somebody took a knife and stuck it into me three times." Each time she says the words "knife" or "stabbed," her incredible acting skills take over and she motions to her stomach. Her voice continues to rise. Then she describes what the knife went through when it entered her midriff: skin, ligament, fat, something anatomy-oriented, I stopped listening at that point: "I was on that floor dying, and you think you know?" She stutters for a minute as Bobby looks at the ground: "You think you give me an engagement ring and it'll all go away? I mean, that's supposed to just heal everything? I almost died!" She points her finger at him: "And you can't bring yourself to talk about it!" She's still screaming: "You know! A week later you're wondering how many people we should invite!" They can't pretend it didn't happen now. He's out there, and she can smell him. Bobby hugs her. She can smell him. She cries and she can smell him. She gasps for air and she can smell him. Hey, she can smell him. ["Yup, the smell sure is overpowering." -- Deborah]

Hellenor's. George Vogelman is casually dressed and carrying boxes. He brings one into the apartment, asking where it should go, and Ellenor tells him just to leave it right there. Helen is teasing Ellenor about George's voracious appetite for boxes. Ellenor repeats that they are just friends. Helen says: "Oh, come on! Roommates are supposed to share their little sexual secrets. I sleep with this football player, he brings over his poodle. Dog likes to lick my toes during." One look is worth a thousand recaps. After seeing Ellenor's expression, Helen backtracks, "Just kidding!" The two new "roomies" are discussing the merits of male/female friendship. Surprisingly, a barracuda like Helen doesn't think that men and women can be friends. Ellenor responds by saying that it doesn't hurt to have a male friend close by in case of emergencies. Stone Cold Gamble gripes about George's head-cutting incidents; Ellenor touts his innocence. They banter for a while until the Sonata of Serial Killers rises, and the camera pans around to see George standing outside the door listening to the entire conversation.

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