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Previously on The Practice: Mitchell Wheeler propositions Ellenor. She reports him to Judge Beautiful. He blames Ellenor in open court. The judge "advises" her to drop it. Ellenor's friendship with Mitchell is ruined. Bobby is coerced into helping the Feds uncover a dirty judge. Blah the judge kills himself because he's caught blah.

Suffering County Courthouse. The elevator doors open to a horde of reporters. They are shoving microphones and steno pads into Eugene's face. They are all calling, "Mr. Young! Mr. Young!" With a stare equal to Hulk Hogan's return, Eugene pushes his way through the crowd. There is a view from the top. Bulbs are flashing. Booms are crowding the hallway, and there is non-stop aggressive chatter. Eugene doesn't say a word. Welcome to the media frenzy.

Judge Freeman's Courtroom Of Adequate Pain For Gain. The media are crowded into the gallery, pens blazing. Eugene stands: "That's correct, Your Honour." Okay, I'll wait for you to catch up -- we're starting mid-sentence, AGAIN. "We are seeking an immediate modification of the court's previous conditions of release." The judge reviews the orders. He reads the list like it's his groceries: blah stay away from the wife, blah stay away from the child, blah fifty thousand, blah no right to make decisions regarding the welfare of the child blah. Freeman thinks the conditions of bail seem adequate. The camera stops on Jennifer Crystal Foley for a minute. She's the guest superstar this week. I suppose now that her stint on Once and Again is finished, she's looking for work. Jennifer is sitting right behind Helen.

Back over at Table D-Fence, Eugene points to the father and says to the judge, "I'd ask you to consider the nightmare in which my client finds himself." Helen takes offense: "Your Honour. Mr. Gosse created that nightmare by putting his daughter in a coma." Don't you just love how they argue the "facts" of the case at the freaking hearings? Blah. Any. Way. Eugene continues, "Mr. Gosse is innocent. He has been Baby M.'s primary caregiver while his wife worked, and now, his child is sick." Now, Father Gosse can't make decisions about his daughter's care, which could determine whether she lives or dies. Freeman: "Then you do understand my decision." This judge speaks in such a dull, droll tone that I'm surprised he's even on this show. Usually, the judges are vibrant, like Judge Beautiful, or ornery (but fair) like Linda Hunt's character. Eugene replies, "The fact remains that my client's right as a parent should not be denied simply because he's been charged with a crime." Freeman thinks they're going in circles. That's right. Because he and Eugene are dancing around the maypole singing Easter songs and looking for chocolate eggs. Wait -- right, that's not what's happening at all. Helen pouts her shiny lips. Eugene insists that Father Gosse wants to ensure the best possible care for his child. Helen: "He knows that if his child dies he'll be facing this jury on murder charges!" Eugene turns to Helen and asks where she's hidden her compassion. Ha. She left it with the dry non-wheat toast she didn't eat for breakfast. Helen insists she has no compassion. Oh, wait, there's a qualifier: "For a man who beats an innocent child."

Nothing matters; the judge isn't going to change his mind. Father Gosse is ordered to stay away from his child until he's cleared of the charges. Why is Mother Gosse sitting with Helen? She actually believes her husband beat the baby? Honestly? Any. Way. Eugene doesn't necessarily like the ruling. He asks if he can approach the bench. The two lawyers meet in front of Freeman. Eugene whispers, "For the record, I'd like to point out that you and the late Judge Fleming were close friends." So close, in fact, that both their names begin with "F." I guess they got to sit together when the head judge did roll call. Yawn. Here is another totally useless side story introduced for no other reason than to inflame the situation. Blah the judge is offended, blah Eugene implies he's being too hard on them because Fleming killed himself, blah dear friend, blah threat, blah integrity blah. "Motion is denied!" He bangs his gavel. They are adjourned until tomorrow, when the trial will begin. The March Of The Categorically Maligned bleeps. Father Gosse stands up. He and his wife share a glance. Before waiting for their client, Jimmy and Eugene start to walk out of the courtroom into The Hallway Of Flashing Lights. Blah case is ugly, blah preserve the issue for appeal blah. Snap. The cameras are going again.

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