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Man of Steel

Suffering County Courthouse. The Lump leaves SuperBill in the client room as he walks out to where Deborah and Lindsay are standing. Deborah wants to know how SuperBill is. Apparently, not so good -- he won't talk to anyone. She wants to see him. His lawyer doesn't think that's such a good idea. Deborah: "Jimmy. What they said about me meeting someone else, you have to believe me, I never told him." Pause. "That's not the reason I want the divorce." Ah, that's not really the point, Deborah. The lawyers trying to defend you and your husband should have known about it before they went into court, not after. Jimmy stutters, "I gotta get ready for my closing." And then he runs away, leaving Lindsay and Deborah to "bond." Blah she's sorry, blah Jimmy gets nervous, blah he's right, blah she should have told him blah. Deborah lets out a deep breath. She says, "The truth is, Lindsay, I've never known what's best for Bill." She looks away. Then she looks back. "I know I'm not responsible for his disease." Blah the lawyer, blah right about one thing, blah never appreciated what they had blah. Oh, wait! Stop! Watch out! A huge flag is about to hit their heads. It says, "Love the one you're with!" Yes. That's correct. It is pushing Lindsay into some strange state of self-reflection. Deborah continues, oblivious to the huge banners barreling overhead: "I kept wishing him to be what I wanted. What I thought he could become." Blah she never accepted him, blah for who he really was blah. If Lindsay got anymore reflective she'd turn herself inside out, literally.

Suffering County Courthouse. Team Green is closing. Blah Latin saying blah. Blah negligence blah. Blah blame someone blah. Who is to blame?

The Superheroes. Jimmy is closing. Blah convinced he's SuperBill, blah they never thought he'd try to fly blah. Bars on the windows blah. Who is in the best position to prevent what happened? Blah hospital, blah profits, blah not patients, blah not enough staff blah. Blah Deborah, blah Jimmy the Grunt, blah.

The Doctors. Aldridge is up. Blah reckless cruelty, blah drove him out the window, blah told Dr. Gorman, blah protected SuperBill blah. Okay, everyone point his or her fingers now at who you think is negligent. Exactly. Blah wife stopped caring, blah cruelty, blah hospital, and blah caring for people, blah Mrs. Muntz, blah her fault blah.

After the closing arguments, Lindsay is waiting outside the courtroom. Rod arrives. They talk shop. In a moment of pure selflessness, Bobby D found a bunch of mental hospitals that would take SuperBill in case they lose the case. Ah, isn't that sweet. He made some "calls." She's touched. It must have taken him hours to help. Lindsay: "Why did you do it?" Aw, he doesn't know, shucks, he just "fell" for the guy. Then Rod announces that they've got a new babysitter. Again, Lindsay is shocked. Oh, but Ellenor and Eugene did the interviewing. Heh. They smile at one another. Then he tries to leave, but Lindsay runs up and plants the most asexual kiss I've seen in a long time on her husband. Blah she loves him, blah she doesn't say it, blah all is forgiven in the land of Rod.

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