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Man of Steel

The jury is back! Everyone, including Aldridge, including Mrs. Green, including Gorman, is sitting with their hands clasped together, in exactly the same way, in front of them on the table. The verdict is handed over to the judge. She glances at it and asks the foreperson to read their findings. They find Deborah, but not Bill, negligent. This causes the gallery to give a collective "Oh!" Rudy bangs her gavel. They do find the hospital negligent. In fact, they order them to pay Mrs. Green a cool three million dollars. They ask Deborah to pay only one dollar. She is pleased, and gives Lindsay a hug. Again the gallery says, "Oh!" But wait! They're not finished yet! There is the matter of the cross-complaint. The hospital has to pay Deborah a dollar, and Bill one million dollars! SuperBill doesn't care. He's just staring straight ahead. Aldridge wants the decision set aside. Rudy refuses. She adjourns court. Hugs erupt. Then Gorman collapses. Lindsay screams for a doctor. SuperBill rips off his clothes. That's right, he's wearing the outfit. SuperBill screams, "I'm flying to the hospital to get this man a doctor!" Then he crashes himself through the freaking window. You know, I can't believe that DEK actually made him TRY TO FLY. Jimmy and Lindsay run over to see SuperBill lying splattered on a ledge about five feet underneath the window. Sigh.

The Client Room Of SuperBill's Actual Pain. Apparently, SuperBill is fine. He's got some bandages on his hands, and his face is kind of scratched up, but he's okay. SuperBill says, "He was having a heart attack!" Jimmy explains that it was a panic attack, nothing more. What? There are no paramedics there? They don't think it's best to take SuperBill to a hospital? Good grief. Dr. Gorman comes in. He is met with some hostility from Lindsay. Dr. Gorman says, "Come on, Bill." Jimmy: "What are you doing?" Well, he's taking Bill back to the hospital. Because he is a caregiver, after all. SuperBill walks toward Dr. Gorman. He wants to go home. But he wants to talk to Lois for a second. The doctor doesn't think that's such a good idea, but Deborah says it's all right. The couple comes closer together. SuperBill wants to go home. But he can't. Blah she doesn't love him, blah that's not true, blah met someone else, blah he doesn't care, blah stay together blah. Deborah says, "I can't do this again." And she starts to leave, but just as she reaches the door, SuperBill calls, "Deborah!" Stunned, she turns back toward her husband, who says, "I'll use whatever name you want! I won't be Superman anymore. I promise. I can do it." More ridiculous platitudes about how the world needs Superman, "especially now." Whatever the freaking hell that means. But they just can't go back, and she can't ask him to stop being "who he really is." Blah love you, blah love you too, blah goodbye blah. Bill cries. He wants to go home. And Dr. Gorman is going to take him there. Ah, poor SuperBill. He's got some super-sized tears to take us to the end of this ridiculous episode.

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