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The Conference Room Where They Discuss Massive Amounts Of Pain. Jimmy says, "The Muntzes need our help." Eugene reminds his co-worker that a lot of people need their help. The Lump exclaims, "But I know these people. Bill Muntz was my friend." Ellenor wants to know why they're coming to him now. Apparently, the hospital told the couple the case would settle with the victims' wife, but they couldn't make a deal. Now, they're going to trial. Rebecca asks when, and Jimmy hesitates. Okay. I'm just going to insert what a great actor Michael Badalucco can be when he's actually allowed to act. The Man Who Wasn't There is a great, stylized film, and Michael Badalucco does an amazing job. I'm glad that the Coen brothers see him as something other than the Lump. Any. Way. Eugene erupts when he hears that the trial is so soon: "You can't just jump into a complicated tort case on two days notice." Jimmy continues explaining the particulars of the case: "It's not complicated. Everybody agrees he's nuts. Everybody agrees he pancaked the guy." Blah priorities, blah cases that need his attention, blah Eugene strong-arm blah. Jimmy insists that the case won't take that long. Bobby: "Defending a wrongful death case means no contingency." Jimmy shouts, "These people got nobody else to turn to!" Rod lays it down. He'll give Jimmy one day. If the case doesn't settle, he wants the Lump "out." Jimmy can live with that. He gets up to leave. Lindsay gets up to go with him. For some reason, airing their marital spat in front of all of her co-workers is a positive thing. Huh? Rod says, "Lindsay." She snarks, "We need a babysitter. I suggest you start looking." So. Is she helping Jimmy because she wants to, or because she's throwing a hissyfit and making a point? Either way, it's pretty freaking ridiculous, and no way to a) look out for the well-being of your child and b) maintain a healthy marriage. Yawn.

The Hospital Of Delusional Pain. And speaking of products of Hollywood making a mockery of mental illness: Don't Say A Word. It's a horrible, horrible film. Yeah, like Famke Janssen would ever marry Michael Freaking Douglas. Sorry, Catherine Zeta-Jones, but that's just gross. He's an old dude. Back to the recap. A fellow who looks like F. Murray Abraham is playing Bill's doctor. He's wearing a lab coat. Dr. Gorman explains that Bill has been deeply affected by the accident. "He sees himself as Superman. Heroes don't kill innocent people." Lindsay asks the doctor if he told Bill they were coming, which he did. Jimmy asks: "What should I call him: Bill or Superman?" Dr. Gorman answers, "Normally Bill. We try our best here not to indulge the delusion. When we do it's only to keep him calm." Lindsay wonders if the medication couldn't help him with "that." The prognosis: Bill's not responding to the meds and he's not improving. So, the Bill Jimmy once knew is almost completely gone. Dr. Gorman: "But he's still there. He still has rare moments of lucidity. You need to understand, Bill Muntz is mentally ill. That means he can be unpredictable, even unreasonable." Jimmy and Lindsay look at the doctor. They have no response.

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