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Man of Steel

The Common Room. Bill is sitting in the far corner of a room, not unlike the one occupied by Billy Bob Thornton in Sling Blade. He's staring out the window. Jimmy and Lindsay walk in. Bill turns around and says, "Jimmy!" Oh. Good. Lord. He's dressed in a "Superman" suit. The crest is sewn on. So, the hospital had a suit made for him? How else would he get the darn thing when no one is supposed to be supporting his "delusions"? Surprised, the Lump shouts, "Bill!" Bill walks forward and holds his hand out to stop Jimmy from approaching. He says, "I'm sorry!" The Symphony Of Fake Schizophrenia starts up. "When they said my friend Jimmy was here I assumed they meant Jimmy Olsen!" Siegel and Shuster turn in their graves. Then they turn back again. I am ashamed of DEK, firstly for making such a mockery of mental illness, and secondly for taking an icon of pop culture and reducing him, without the slightest twinge of guilt, to fodder for this reprehensible episode. Right: now it's Lindsay's turn to look stunned. Bill asks, "Have we met?" Jimmy responds, "No. I don't think we have. I'm Jimmy Berluti. This is Lindsay Dole." Bill is "lucid" enough to understand that they are there about the accident. Lindsay steps forward: "Yes. We were hoping to talk about that." Bill: "I don't know what more I can say. It was a busy morning." Pause. "The attendants around here can get me a little distracted." Pause. "I tried to fly without my cape." Uh-huh. Jimmy says he didn't realize that the cape was that important. Well, says Bill, of course it is; he can't fly without it. Jimmy understands. Bill: "A man is dead, and it's my fault. Nothing I can do can ever change that. I'll have to live with that for the rest of my life." Bill walks back to toward the window. Jimmy follows. He explains that he and Bill used to be friends, but that Superman might not remember him. Jimmy says, "I didn't keep in touch. I'm sorry about that. But you and I, we were friends." Bill doesn't remember. It was a long time ago. Blah the man he knew, blah never meant to hurt anyone, blah not his fault, blah bad things happen to heroes blah.

Dr. Gorman's Office Where They Administrate The Pain. In addition to Jimmy, Lindsay, and the good doctor, there is a lawyer present. His name is Aldridge, and he is played by actor Steven Culp. But for the purposes of this recap, we're going to call him Bobby Kennedy because of Thirteen Days, which is a totally decent film. I figure that if DEK can make a mockery of American culture, so can I. Lindsay pipes up. She asks if the doctor is concerned with how SuperBill will fare during trial. Of course, the doctor would prefer that they settled the case. Lindsay: "Then why haven't you?" Bobby Kennedy responds, "We've done everything we could but Mrs. Green and her lawyer are being totally unreasonable." The Lump thinks that the poor woman is entitled to something; after all, her husband is dead. Sure, but she's suing for fifteen million; the hospital offered her a cool million. She turned it down. She won't settle for anything less than three. Damn, Steven Culp is a handsome, handsome man. We forgive DEK for overlooking Hunky D.A. in this episode. Any. Way. Jimmy asks, "Don't you have insurance?" Yes. The hospital does, but the administration is afraid that the carrier will drop their coverage if they get hit for too much. Dr. Gorman says, "If that happens, we're finished. Patients that we've treated for years will be thrown into state institutions, if there's room." Blah most end up on the street blah. Jimmy explains that if they lose at trial, the sky is the limit for damages. Blah SuperBill jumped out of their window blah. Jimmy says, "You have to think you are going to lose." Bobby Kennedy insists, "Only if the jury thinks we're to blame." Here comes The Symphony Of Slimy Situations. Lindsay's mouth drops to the floor, and it's not because she thinks Bobby Kennedy is a dish. Jimmy gives the camera his whoa-wait-a-minute face. Then he says, "You're going to blame Bill? He's insane. You were responsible for him." Bobby Kennedy: "We're not blaming Bill." Dum dum. Dum. Dum. Then who? Who are they blaming? The wife. Of course, it's the wife. It's ALWAYS the wife. Jimmy says, "What are you talking about?" Bobby Kennedy goes on, "Ultimately. We didn't push him out that window. She did." Blah on the day SuperBill "fell," blah Deborah visited him, blah divorce blah. Bobby Kennedy: "Your client wasn't trying to fly, Mr. Berluti. He was trying to kill himself."

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