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Man of Steel

Canada is great at certain things. Hockey, for instance. We're really good at hockey. But you know what we're not really good at? Television. We make exceptionally bad television. ["Oh, come on, now. Degrassi was great." -- Sars] The Canadian version of Popstars is absolutely frightening. Please, make it stop. There are enough pre-fabricated bands on this earth already. We don't need to contribute any more. The last Canadian Popstar band ended up hanging out on my street singing. That's right. They'd go OUT FOR DINNER and sit on the patio SINGING. Because they're pop freaking stars. Yawn.

The Firm. Deborah Muntz has been summoned to the office. Jimmy and Lindsay are berating her for not telling them that she was asking SuperBill for a divorce. She didn't think the hospital knew. She talked to their lawyer a dozen times, and he never mentioned the divorce. She continues, "Look. I'm not exactly proud of myself. We've been married for almost fourteen years. For the last five, I've been watching him fall apart, praying he gets better." Lindsay tells her she doesn't need to explain, but Deborah's on a roll, and she interrupts, "I know I'm supposed to love him, to stay with him. And I swear to you both, I've tried." Pause. "But you don't know what my life has become." Blah blah blah martyr-cakes. Lindsay asks if Deborah thinks SuperBill tried to kill himself. No! And the lawyers can't let SuperBill know that that's what they think, either. Ahem -- it might just push him over the edge. Heh.

Whoosh. Wow. Haven't seen one of those in a while. Jimmy is stark raving mad. He's pacing. He's fuming. His hands are waving. He's angry. Both he and Lindsay are explaining the situation to Ellenor. Jimmy: "They let the Muntzes think the case would settle. That there wasn't going to be a trial." Walk to the left. Lindsay: "So Deborah and Bill walk into court unprepared and get slaughtered with the judgment." What are they going to do? Wait, Eugene, Lucy, and Rebecca are there too. Eugene says, "Plan B." Oh! Fun. They always work so well -- not. Rebecca wants to know what Eugene means. He responds, "Well, Mrs. Green isn't the only one whose been hurt by this." He turns to Rebecca: "The Muntzes have too. Emotional distress. Pain and suffering." Blah blame the hospital blah. A light bulb appears above Lindsay's head: "Do you think we should sue the hospital?" Damn right. In the middle of this pseudo-conference outside the actual conference room, a middle-aged woman comes running out of Bobby's office, weeping and wailing. She rushes toward the door, flings it open, and then slams it shut. Rod appears. He says, "Lucy. Call the agency. I need to meet with more babysitters." Ah, isn't that sweet. Rod is such a good parent that he's willing to inflict a rigorous, and probably totally unnecessary, interrogation upon the unsuspecting applicants. Now, isn't that love?

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