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Man of Steel

Suffering County Courthouse Where They Argue Super-Strength Pain. Deborah Muntz is on the stand. Lindsay is defending for The Superheroes. We are mid-interview as Deborah says, "I lost him the day he forgot my name. He started calling me Lois." Lindsay wants to know why she placed Bill at Clarendon Hall. She kept him at home as long as she possibly could, but Bill isn't the man she married, and she lost her husband. Lindsay: "Why did you visit him in the hospital that day?" As we all know, she went to tell him she was getting a divorce. Lindsay: "Was that really something he needed to hear?" Yes. They'd been married a long time; he needed to hear it from her. Blah SuperBill and Lois should never be apart, blah SuperBill was upset, blah by the time she left, blah he was okay blah.

Team Doctors is up next. Bobby Kennedy: "This wasn't the first time you considered divorce, was it?" Huh? "You didn't want to be married to a mid-level banker." Blah resented Bill, blah lack of ambition blah. Lindsay objects. Aldridge continues. He holds up a medical report and says, "This is what Bill told his therapist the first year he got to the hospital." Blah, privileged, blah used the medical records to defend the hospital; blah Aldridge is right, blah Lindsay's suing the hospital, blah so she waives privilege blah. Deborah: "I love my husband, Mr. Aldridge." Why did you make him so miserable? "He said you called him weak, stupid." Deborah retorts, "Bill would never have said that!" Aldridge continues, "Your husband chose to be SuperBill because in his mind he had to be perfect to make you happy." The Superheroes object. Judge Rudy sustains -- her laughter, that is, because this is so stupid. Aldridge continues, "This past year, Mrs. Muntz, how many times did you visit your husband?" The Sympathetic Symphony Of Guilt-Ridden Situations rises. Deborah pauses. SuperBill fidgets, and turns to Jimmy: "She came when she could!" She doesn't know. Bobby Kennedy says, "Nine times. Nine times, Mrs. Muntz." Pause. Drama. Pause. "You can't even make it [to the hospital] one day a month." Deborah admits that it's hard for her to see him as SuperBill; her expression is pained. SuperBill turns to Lindsay, captain of The Superheroes, and says, "Stop him from hurting Lois!" Aldridge steps forward. "Why didn't you talk to his doctor first?" Deborah: "Excuse me?" Aldridge: "You're his legal guardian." Step. "You were filing for divorce." Step. "You had to know Bill would get upset." Step. "Why not ask for his doctor's permission?" To ask her own freaking husband for a divorce? Deborah echoes my own sentiments. Aldridge sounds a lot like Emperor Rod; this speech was really written for him. They brought another Bobby in at the last second, because the whole Rod-needs-a-nanny subplot was going to provide some much-needed comic relief. Whew. Bobby Kennedy snaps, "Your husband, Mrs. Muntz, is mentally ill. You're going to leave him and you don't tell his doctor ahead of time?" Add one snarl and a little vigorous hand-gesturing, and Bobby K could truly be confused with Bobby D. Bill is sweating. Or maybe he's seething. Lindsay tries to object, but Bill's already erupted. I was waiting for the steam to come barreling out of his superhuman ears. "Stop it!" he screams. "None of this has anything to do with truth or justice." Everyone tries to get SuperBill to sit back down. He doesn't. "She doesn't have to worry about me! I'm Superman." Here comes the worst line of the show: "Counsel, sit him down now or he's out of here like a speeding bullet." Oh, Judge Rudy. I'm so sorry. That was painful. Both Lindsay and Jimmy grab SuperBill and ease him back into his seat. Aldridge gives Deborah a dirty look. Yawn.

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