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Man of Steel

Client Room Where Superheroes Rest Their Pain. SuperBill is agitated. He looks far, far too healthy to truly be someone who spends most of his or her time in a hospital. His colour is good. He doesn't look at all dazed from meds. Any. Way. He's screaming something about the fact that he WILL TESTIFY. Jimmy is trying to get him to sit down, to calm down, but SuperBill is raging. Watch the table. He might break it in half. Deborah turns to Lindsay and says, "I don't think he should testify." Lindsay doesn't like it either, but because Deborah's testimony was a little shaky, they need SuperBill to assert the fact that the accident wasn't her fault. Jimmy: "Bill, are you sure you want to testify?" SuperBill: "You're damn right! Those sons of bitches!" You see, because the more he swears, the more we'll think he's "crazy." SuperBill looks over to Deborah, regains his composure, and says, "I'm sorry. I don't know why I just -- I'm going to protect Lois. I'm going to testify." You go, SuperBill.

Rudy's Chambers. Aldridge says, mid-scene, "He can't testify. He's crazy." Jimmy responds by stating that SuperBill is a named defendant, thus ensuring that he's got the right to take the stand. Aldridge: "Not if he's incompetent, he doesn't." Lindsay: "They say his wife caused him to jump. He's got the right to say that she didn't." Aldridge retorts, "He's got no sense of reality, of the truth." Oh, and you do, dude? You're trying to pin the fact that the guy jumped out of the window of your hospital on SuperBill's wife -- whose only crime seems to be the fact that she wants to get on with her life. On the whole, that's a moral issue, not a legal issue, regardless of how much the hospital doesn't want to pay. Jimmy reminds the group that SuperBill can explain what was going through his mind, which is relevant to the question of liability. Aldridge: "I hope that Mr. Berluti realizes that if his client testifies that I'm going to treat him like any other witness." See? Is it just me, or do you hear echoes of the Emperor? Maybe I'm the one going crazy. Jimmy snarks, "Meaning what?" Aldridge: "I'll have no choice but to go after him. The man is not well. You've made him watch everyone he's trusted turn on him. His wife. His doctor." Blah trying to totally destroy him blah. Jimmy turns to the Judge: blah is he threatening my witness blah? Rudy says, "No. He's warning you. And so am I. Are you sure you want to do this, Mr. Berluti?" Blah jury, blah big judgment, blah won't be able to pay, blah private care, blah rest of his life, blah state institution, blah bankrupting his wife blah. The judge will let him testify, but she does hope that The Lump knows what he's doing. So you know, with all the non-dramatic non-tension, ahem, flying around, that we should all be prepared for a SuperBill breakdown on the stand. And this time, there's no Kurt Russell to save him.

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