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Man of Steel

The Stand. SuperBill is perched in the witness seat. SuperBill: "Flying isn't something I just do. There has to be a reason." Rosie O'Donnell is in the jury box. Jimmy asks, "So you've flown before?" Many, many times, he says. Jimmy asks, "Why did you want to fly that day?" SuperBill explains that Lois had come to see him. Jimmy wants to know who Lois is. SuperBill points to Deborah and says, "The woman seated there. My wife." Lindsay's got her hair tied back. When did she do that? Yeah, and what the heck day is it, anyway? When Jimmy brought it up, the trial was supposed to start in two days, only within hours he and Lindsay were at the hospital and then, all of a sudden, they were in court. There was no overhead shot of fake Boston at night. No after-work sentiments, no late evenings in the office. The hell? Anyway. Jimmy: "Why do you think she came to see you?" SuperBill says that his wife wanted a divorce, but really, truly, she needed his help: "I think she was in some kind of danger!" Jimmy indulges him: "What kind of danger?" SuperBill doesn't know. When Deborah left, he watched her from the window. He was going to follow her from above to make sure she was all right. But a nurse kept nagging SuperBill about going down to lunch. Now. Wait. Didn't the doctor come and see him ten minutes after SuperBill was with Deborah? SuperBill doesn't mention this at all. ["I thought he'd already gone out the window by that time." -- Sars] So, according to SuperBill, the nurse made him forget his cape, and he needs his cape to fly. Jimmy steps forward: "So you weren't trying to hurt yourself. You were just trying to fly?" That's correct.

Bobby Kennedy gets up for The Doctors. Does Team Green have no say in this? Blah you love your wife, blah very much, blah leaving him, blah devastated blah. "Weren't you crying?" He was, but then SuperBill says that he calmed down. When? Blah Dr. Gorman, blah ten minutes, blah found him blubbering like a baby blah. Aldridge asks, "You do remember that, don't you?" Okay, so why would a nurse be harping on a patient that was visibly upset to go down for lunch? Honestly. It makes no sense. SuperBill doesn't answer Aldridge's question, so Aldridge prompts, "Mr. Muntz?" SuperBill says he remembers. Bobby Kennedy asks if SuperBill remembers if Deborah said why she was leaving. Jimmy objects. Aldridge retorts that it goes to his state of mind. Rudy overrules. "Did she say why she was leaving?" SuperBill: "Not really." Aldridge: "Didn't she tell you exactly why?" Enter The Shakedown Symphony. Blah Deborah met someone else, blah at work blah. SuperBill stutters. Jimmy objects, stating that Aldridge's argument lacks foundation. But wait! He does have a foundation all right; in fact, he's got photos! Bill looks confused. He says that Deborah didn't say anything about her lover. He repeats that he doesn't know what Aldridge is talking about. Bobby Kennedy steps forward. Doesn't he have a missile crisis or something to deal with? He really does go after SuperBill. Blah you tried to kill yourself, blah your wife, blah another lover, blah you tried to kill yourself. Aldridge repeats, "Isn't that right?" Ah, Bill mumbles, looks at the ground, looks skittish, and blabbers "I don't know what he's talking about" a million times. Jimmy just looks concerned. He never should have put SuperBill on the stand. Deborah is teary. Mrs. Green looks at her chest, of all places. Generally, everyone in the courtroom is totally uncomfortable because there's a "crazy person" on the stand. Blah blah blah yawn.

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