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DEK must really love this episode, because it's the only show held back in the reruns of last season during the summer. Oh glee! We have the whole set now.

County Jail. Two tough looking guards accompany Rebecca toward a cell that I assume contains her client, Jan Carlson. The jail makes its usual "jail" noises: clanging doors, buzzers, whirring lights, all the fancy gadgets so the "set" looks "real." Rebecca sits down. She sighs like it took her a hundred years to walk from the hallway and into the actual cell. The lawyer announces, "Well. We're here. We start tomorrow." God, it's good to see Rebecca. Jan wonders if The Firm is ready. Jan's hair is short, and she wears her bangs really, really short, like halfway-down-her-forehead short. Rebecca says they're as ready as they're ever going to be: "The DA offered Murder Two this afternoon just like we thought he would." Jan replies, "But you turned it down?" Rebecca: "Yes." Then Jan starts staring off into the distance, probably opting not to focus on the concrete directly in front of her view, and swaying while muttering, "Tell me something good, Rebecca. I need something good." The prison blues rather accentuate Jan's eyes. At least that's something. Rebecca explains that it won't be long before they'll know for sure what's going to happen. Apparently, that's good too. Jan continues, "My sister came to visit today. She doesn't want to get up there. Does she have to?" Rebecca looks very serious as she tells her client that there is no privilege between siblings and her sister will be forced to testify. Jan is overtly concerned about her sister's testimony. She is worried that her sister is going to forget. Forget what, we don't know just yet. With the patience of a saint, or at least of a very antsy defense attorney, Rebecca reminds Jan that "it's important for [her sister] to tell the truth." And "we're not trying to hide what happened. We just have to explain why." Both women are leaning toward one another as Jan says, "Why I killed my mother." Ouch. The Obscenely Inappropriate Melody Of Mother Murderers comes wailing up as Jan repeats a sentence soon to become her refrain: "Tell me something good. I need to hear something good." Let's hope she can't hear the music. You know that's most certainly not good.

Some things will never change. I will always hate the theme music. In fact, I would prefer to have period cramps for a month than have to listen to these credits. I honestly would.

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