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Previously on The Practice: DEK spends all his time reviving Ally McBeal because it sucked last season, and working on Boston Public because it's been picked up for a whole season. This means The Practice has gone completely to pot.

There is snow in Boston. The establishing shot wanted y'all to know that.

The Firm. A tall woman with dark, wavy hair walks into the office. She's got the kind of hair every woman wishes they had. Honest. I'm not being critical or sarcastic. Jeannie Reynolds walks over to Lucy. As she points to Lindsay, she exclaims, "Hi! I'm looking for her!" Each woman grins as the two old friends greet each other. There are hugs. Squeals. You know the drill. Jeannie makes a crack about "what Lindsay's been up to" while staring at Lindsay's huge stomach. Oh, the Child of Rod. Shudder. Lindsay tells her friend she's about five months along. As Jeannie fondles the belly, she cracks, "I knew her when she was a virgin!" Everyone, and I mean everyone, in the office giggles. Personally, I think they've all been drinking too much eggnog. After the niceties are dispensed with, Jeannie gets down to business: "Do you have a second? I'm on a major clock." Well, that's a friend for you. They only come around when they want something.

Conference Room. Lindsay continues to smile. And as she's rambling on about how she's been meaning to call her, Jeannie says, "Thanks for inviting me to the wedding, by the way." Her friend explains how they eloped. Don't worry about the invitation, no one was invited, not even Bobby's dad, whom we all know exists. The two women sit at the conference table. After finally ending the "catching up" period of this episode, Jeannie explains the real reason for her visit. She's been treating William Hinks, a man accused of decapitating nine women. Lindsay is disturbed to hear the news, but not so disturbed that she can't snark, "Did he start killing people after you started treating him?" Cute. Jeannie doesn't think he committed the crime. Again, Lindsay turns to reason: "What do you mean you don't think he did it, he confessed." The psychologist is convinced that Hinks has made up the whole thing. He's fabricated the fact that he's the one who killed nine people. Then, he fooled the police. Oh, here we go, it's just another plot taken directly from the masters of television police/courtroom drama Law & Order. Remember the episode where a whack of student nurses was murdered and the suspect was a mentally challenged man played by none other than our very own Lump? Yeah, he claimed he committed the crime just to get the attention too. DEK gets no points for originality this episode. Jeannie continues explaining that the trial starts in two days and that William "The Boston Non-Strangler" Hinks has fired two of his lawyers. This means he'd probably end up with a public defender. Which I guess would kind of suck at a trial of this magnitude. Jeannie folds her hands on the table, leans in, and asks, "Lindsay, would you consider doing it?" Mrs. Rod responds, "Defend William Hinks?" Jeannie retorts, "You've become this big star. I read about you all the time!" Mrs. Rod explains, "I don't do serial killers, Jeannie." Ragdoll interjects, "Not while she's pregnant anyway." Jeannie continues to explain to Lindsay how she thinks he didn't do it. Jeannie's convinced he's delusional, and that Hinks is not the serial killer who murdered those women, and all he needs right now is a good lawyer.

Credits. I would rather have someone tie me in front of a fan, glue my eyes open, and then poke them repeatedly rather than have to listen to this theme song.

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