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The Firm. The Three Musketeers are discussing their court strategy. Lindsay wants to know how the heck they're going to defend Hinks. If they plead guilty, he's going to fire them. The discussion still centers on whether or not Hinks is guilty. Jimmy thinks they should just stick with insanity: "Maybe we could win that one." Lindsay looks exasperated: "But we believe he did it, Jimmy. We can't argue he was insane at the time when we know he didn't do it." For once, The Lump is being reasonable: "But we don't know that, Lindsay. We don't know anything." Jeannie wants to go to the judge and ask for an order compelling Hinks to plead not guilty. Jeannie insists again that it wasn't Hinks. The music tells me that neither Lindsay nor Jimmy is as convinced as she claims to be.

County Jail. It's the next day. The same music is playing. It's The March Of Indecision: Did He Or Didn't He? Hinks wants to know if Lindsay's planning to plead insanity. She responds that the situation is complicated: "You're just going to have to trust me. Can you do that?" No! He cries, "My future is at stake. My life. I've known you less than a week." "I'm Not Really A" Jeannie responds, "But you trust me, don't you?" He snaps back that he's not just some anonymous man who needs to be handled. When Lindsay insists that he might have to testify, Hinks calms down. Team Serial Murder is playing him. They blather on some more about whether or not they are going with insanity. If the music strums much longer, I'm going to go insane. Lindsay nods her head and tells him, finally, that yes, they are going with insanity. What a stupid scene -- hey, audience, you're supposed to think William Hinks is creepy, okay?


The Firm. Oh. Gawd. There are Christmas stockings tied up with "Bobby" embossed on them in golden letters. As we survey the room, we hear Hinks blathering on about dropping the weapon at the scene to relieve himself of the worry that it might be found in his possession. "The gloves," he continues, "I would either burn or dispose of at the right opportunity." A voice asks, "Why the fingernails?" Hinks supposes they were souvenirs because a fingernail is easier, and less bloody, to remove than "one might think." I don't care if Jeannie thinks this creep is innocent. He's too creepy not to have killed those women. Jimmy wants to know how many times they're going to "watch it." Lindsay is furiously writing on a legal pad: "Until we've memorized every word. This tape is their whole case." Ah! Ah! Ah! It's Scott Wallace all over again. Ah! Ah! Ah!

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