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Courtroom. Hinks' confession tape is playing. He's going on about removing the victim's fingernails. The camera pans the jurors, who are all looking a cross between disturbed and disgusted. Roland Hill explains to the jury that he'll be introducing more of the tape throughout the trial. "But the footage you just saw will be introduced as evidence that the defendant's clarity during his confession. His precision. His careful choice of words," blah dee blah he had just committed a murder and dismemberment three hours before, blah dee blah this was a man in control, blah dee blah a man who understood the nature and the quality of the acts committed, blah dee blah the evidence will show that these crimes were thoroughly pre-meditated. Insert The Coda Of Criminal Prosecutors. Blah dee blah, wrap it all up with a little "a man who knew exactly what he was doing." And look very stern. Follow this by Lindsay jumping up and saying, "William Hinks is insane." And then sitting back down. Heh. Bravado and the Bitch. Not a bad first day.

Cut to a cop on the stand. It's not Detective Mike. Please don't cry. I know. I miss him too. The officer explains that all nine of the victims had dogs, and that Hinks met these women while he was out walking his very own dog. Apparently, Hinks would meet the women and make a date with them. Then he would be let into their homes and kill them. DA Hill asks the detective if he thought these killings were acts of uncontrollable behaviour. No. Hill asks him why. The detective responds, "First of all, they were meticulous." Lindsay makes a note on her pad. "Other than the mutilations, which, of course, were bloody, there was never any evidence. No fingerprints. No DNA." The jury is paying very close attention. "The weapon was always placed next to the torso. The first wound was always fatal." This fact was confirmed by the coroner's report. All I want to know is, where are the nine poster-sized pictures of the live, and then dead, women we always see here on The Practice? Where are the damn visuals? Lindsay asks if a killer acting outside of his own conscious control could also be meticulous. Here, Lindsay tries to get her "possible." But the detective isn't playing her game. He refuses to stop talking. Lindsay insists it was a "yes or no" question. Up pops DA Hill, a.k.a. Prosecution Mountain, who claims, "But it was not a yes or no answer." The judge allows the detective to complete his response. This is just filler: blah dee blah if the last victim hadn't hit the silent alarm, blah dee blah if we didn't find Hinks in the basement next door, blah dee blah these murders were called Immaculate Dissections, blah dee blah scenes were free of evidence, blah dee blah planning. He was the perfect murderer. Lindsay gives Jimmy a nod. I guess that's what they wanted. Why do all serial killers have to have nicknames like they are hurricanes or tornadoes? Isn't it enough that they go around murdering people, usually women? Why do they all have to have nicknames too? William "Immaculate Dissection" Hinks? Please -- does it really serve to make him less human, more animal? Prosecution Mountain rests and states he's saving his psychiatric evidence for rebuttal.

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