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Side Room. William "Desperately Seeking Sanity" Hinks is screaming at everyone. They are all discharged. Lindsay holds her hand up like she's about to take off into the air: "The judge has ordered us to stay on." The Symphony Of Sick Bastards rises up to greet my already rising breakfast as Jeannie says, "William. You are ill. You think you committed those crimes. Under hypnosis you admitted to me you didn't." Goodness, enough with the hypnosis already. The music turns into The Dance Of Traumatic Tensions. Maybe he's fooled everyone: "For god's sake, I killed nine women. I can't be in denial!" Lindsay "His Word Is Not Enough" Dole explains that all she cares about is keeping him out of prison. Hinks isn't happy with that -- he doesn't just want to get treatment for his "disorder" -- and he announces that he's testifying. The music swells, and everyone looks very dramatically at one another as we bleed into the commercials.

Courtroom. Jean Reynolds is still on the witness stand. She's still talking about what Hinks said while he was under hypnosis. Blah dee blah police radio, blah dee blah broke into the basement, blah dee blah he waited for the police, blah dee blah he wanted to be caught. Somewhere in there, Prosecution Mountain repeats his objection. Jean discusses the fact that most serial killers have "displaced anger," and that Hinks simply didn't have any. We know. He's delusional. We Get It. DA Hill gets Jeannie to admit that patients can fake being under hypnosis. She did suspect he was faking under hypnosis, but when he kept firing lawyers for insisting on his innocence, well, she knew then that he couldn't be faking. Whatever.

Cut to a crotchety, older man exclaiming, "Well, she's simply wrong. What more can I tell you." This is Dr. Gale, the prosecution's psychiatric witness, who rebuts Jeannie's position. He thinks Hinks's confession was genuine. In fact, he thinks Mr. Hinks was consumed with rage. Get this: Hinks lived with an emotionally abusive mother who punished him relentlessly. Oh why, oh why is the mother always to blame? Blah dee blah these murders are about punishing, blah dee blah more confession tape, blah dee blah sicko repeats more sick things about dismembering women alive, blah dee fricken blah. Hinks claims it's the look on the face of a woman who is about to die that eggs him on in his rampant murdering spree. Well, at least he doesn't claim his mother made him do it. Even the ones who admit to being guilty are apparently innocent this season. In the end, as the music threatens to drown everyone in the courtroom, Dr. Gale says Hinks is guilty. Let's move on.

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