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Courthouse. We're still enduring The Symphony Of Sick Bastards as the verdict paper comes to Judge White. He reads it and then asks Hinks to stand. On all counts, one through nine, of murder in the first degree, they find the freak innocent. Screams erupt in the gallery. Cries break out, and William Hinks looks vindicated, but not in a good way. In a "I'm the bad guy, and I know it, but I got away with it" way. Judge White sets the defendant free and adjourns the court. Hinks thanks Lindsay and Jimmy for their excellent service. Lindsay mentions she's going out the back way. Huh? Is she running away from him or the reporters? And who cares? Jeannie comes up and says, "Unbelievable!" Lindsay tries to get her to let Hinks go, but she'll have none of that; she urges William to keep up with his treatment. He says he'll "call her." And we all feel a little sick to our stomachs. Again, Lindsay urges Jeannie to let it go, but she's got stars in her eyes and a good heart. I'll bet Hinks kills Jeannie in the next couple episodes. The music is telling me so. The end.

Next, on The Practice: Bobby has information on a little girl who has been kidnapped. The girl's mother approaches Bobby in the courthouse and shoves the girl's picture in his face. The Emperor does not like to be emotionally manipulated. Lindsay gets a call from William "Bounce" Hinks and pretends she's not in the office. Ragdoll's taking bets on who gets killed next.

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