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New Evidence (1)

A great big plane is landing overhead. We're not in Boston any more, Toto! There's a walking shot of Lindsay "The Most" Doyle walking through LAX with her coat thrown over her arm while carting an overnight bag and her briefcase. She looks very determined. The camera pans over L.A. at night to establish the scene and then we quickly cut to Lindsay walking through the county jail toward a cell. The guards let her in to talk to her newly found friend, Dennis Mills. He's wearing a prison outfit that looks like ER scrubs. "Lindsay, thank you so much for coming," he says while holding his hand out like he's about to accept the wafer. "You want me to wait here?" the very gruff prison guard asks the little lady, to which she replies, "No." The guard locks the cell door behind Lindsay and leaves the two of them alone. "Well. So much for a better life awaits me in California!" Dennis says, and we're so glad to see that being locked up hasn't threatened his ability to laugh at himself. Not. Lindsay starts saying that she doesn't think she can help him; he responds by saying that she was the only one he could think of (because there's no yellow pages filled with lawyers in California -- or wait, I bet there is, but David E. Kelley's just never seen it). There's the usual DEK banter where both characters are talking at the same time, and as usual, this is in place of real dialogue that might progress the plot even that teensy little bit. Again Lindsay tries to convince Dennis that she doesn't think she can help him, regardless of having flown all the way across the country, and he hears what she's saying but he "didn't do it!" Lindsay's great big face fills the screen as she finally gives in and starts to listen to him. Dennis's lawyer is asking him to plead to Murder II and he doesn't want to plead to something he didn't do. Again, Lindsay starts saying she doesn't know much about the case, but for goodness sake, they found the woman's body in the trunk of his car. "I was framed, Lindsay. I didn't even know that woman!" (Ever notice that people get framed a whole bunch on television? I'm just saying, it's not really an everyday occurrence). The prosecution has letters, emails, piles of correspondence between Dennis and this dead woman, how could he not have known her? Lindsay wants to know. Then Dennis "I Am Not A Menace" admits that he and the victim were in the same chatroom, "but I never met her in person!" The flying defense woman starts sputtering about how it's a week before the trial and she really doesn't think she can help him. "But you came?" Wearing his most hang-dog expression, Dennis asks, "Why would you come cross-country if you didn't think you could help me?" Frankly, we're all wondering the very same thing, Dennis. Hell, they had to make at least one show in California; something has to explain how Lindsay can be that tanned in the middle of winter when she lives in Boston. Lindsay has come to California because Dennis the non-menace sounded like the desperate man he is over the phone. Dennis says he understands that they don't really know each other that well and asks if Lindsay is a good lawyer. She responds in the affirmative. For whatever reason, he trusts Lindsay, and he wants her to help him because if she doesn't he's facing the death penalty. Which hurts. There are some tender concerned glances from Lindsay to Dennis and back. Cut to credits and the awful opening music. I hate the horn in the middle of the theme song, and I hate the gunshots too, and those darn police sirens are too annoying. ["I guess this isn't the place to admit it's one of my favourite TV themes, after the one for Oz." -- deborah]

The scene opens with an establishing shot of a red brick building. Inside, the firm is discussing Lindsay's latest escapades. Jimmy "The Lump" Berluti is wondering out loud what the heck Lindsay is up to in California. Ellenor and Rebecca seem a bit curious also. Bobby "1.9 Maybe Better Next Time" Donnell explains that they had an art class together last year, adding, "What can I say? She felt compelled to go and I said the same things to her that you're saying to me." Rebecca wonders, "Is she going to try the case?" No, Lindsay told Bobby she's simply going to talk to the lawyer and everyone can feel free to grill her when she gets back. The firm starts to collectively grill Bobby and then Lucy is contractually bound to make her patented smart-ass remark: "Hey, there's not some ex-boyfriend out there or something is there?" She cocks a perfectly sculpted eyebrow. Lucy's wearing some top with a fuzzy collar that almost looks like it could still be alive. Ouch. Then Lucy says, "Look, I get paid to ask the tough questions." ["No, you get paid to make inappropriate remarks and wear bikinis to work." -- deborah]

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