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Officers Of The Court

Hospital. It's the "like you couldn't see this coming" scene with Jimmy rushing down into the Maternity Ward. He greets the doctor, whose name is Josh, and wants to know what's going on. They abuse yet another privilege, the doctor-patient one, and he finds out that there was a partial placental abruption due to Jennifer's cocaine use. The baby was delivered -- she was only three and a half pounds. They simply don't know if the baby is going to be all right. There is a pathetic scene where Jimmy again lies to Jennifer about both the baby and what's going to happen to her, because when you're a drug addict, the truth will kill you. The plunking of the piano in the background just about kills me as Jennifer croaks that the doctors won't let her see her baby. You know, her skin is awfully clear for someone who lives on the streets and is addicted -- you got it -- to crack. Jimmy does his best to reassure her, tells her to get some rest, and then Jennifer asks that he not let social services take her baby away. Please, please tell me that Jimmy isn't going to pull a Mandy Patinkin on Chicago Hope and adopt this baby -- please, please, no. The camera pulls outside to pause on Jimmy looking at the newborns through the glass. You see a tiny baby attached to tubes, barely breathing on its own. I might have been moved, except you'd think that this baby would be in the NICU and not on full display for any happy-go-lucky onlooker to see. Hey, DEK. We. Get. It. It's bad to be pregnant and use drugs. We've had enough of the public service announcements, now get back to writing good quality television. ["'Back'?" -- Sars]

The end.

Eugene says, "Next on The Practice." We see Helen press play on a tape recorder, and then hear a 911 call from a wife accusing her husband of attacking her. The husband pleads with Rebecca -- he's never hit a woman. There's more of Scott Wallace. Like I said earlier, as the unjustly convicted are wont to do, he's simply losing it, and now he's too depressed to go to trial for his own appeal.

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