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Officers Of The Court

The Firm. For some reason, Lucy is yapping on about starting the meeting while Ellenor chides her. The requisite "Lucy Quip" is deployed. The resulting "Ragdoll Eye-Roll" is administered. Emperor Rod barks an order, and The Lump runs down his Jennifer Cole case. She was arrested for possession of crack cocaine. The Lady Rebecca intones, "Again?" Jimmy throws his hands up, explains that he's got a motion to "kick it" at nine, then throws out the real kicker: "She's eight months pregnant." Thus allowing the Empress Lindsay to come down off her throne and impart the following bit of oh-so-helpful wisdom: "What? And she's smoking crack! You better hope the baby doesn't die. She could be charged with murder. Did you tell her that?" While trying to be polite to the Empress, Jimmy attempts to shut her up, but like most things in life, what you wish for never actually comes true: "She should be shot." Well, that's helpful, and what a good piece of advice -- let's just round up all the pregnant women with addictions and, well, shoot them, that solves the problem. Not. Emperor Rod interjects, wanting the firm to stay focused on the important business: his case. He inquires how Rebecca's research is going; she replies that it's going okay, and he tears into her because "okay" just isn't good enough. Rebecca then goes into detail about their options for Scott Wallace's appeal. The Emperor nods his head in agreement and rattles his pen in his hand. There is a sigh of relief that comes only when the Emperor himself is satisfied with their work. He brushes invisible lint off his impeccably clean-shaven face as he turns to the Lovely Assistant Lucy: "Keep dogging [sic] the clerk's office; Ellenor, jump in with Rebecca on the brief." Ellenor explains that she can't because she's "a little jammed." Lucy says she doesn't look "jammed" according to her calendar. Ellenor continues, "I have an appointment with the Chief Judge of the District Court today." Both Ellenor's impudence and her meeting astound the Emperor. He demands to know what it is about. "Judge Aldrich," she replies. Bobby rolls his eyes and starts lecturing: "Ellenor, we can't afford to be alienating --" She interrupts, "Just one meeting. The appointment is made. Aldrich was out of line. I'm not staying quiet." Well, that sure does hush up a room. Stonehenge moved more in the last century than the lawyers did in that room after Ellenor dropped that bomb.

Courthouse. Judge P. Spindle is presiding, and we're listening to a rookie cop explain his arrest of Jennifer "Crack" Cole. He claims her appearance was consistent with that of a crack addict. She was stumbling and disoriented. Susan Alexander from the DA's office asks what he did then. The officer explains that he searched the witness and found a small, hard object which he assumed was crack cocaine. Susan asks what happened next. Blah de blah reached in her jacket, blah de blah retrieved the drug, blah de blah placed her under arrest. Jimmy stands up and buttons his jacket. He then takes the witness down. How could he feel a tiny piece of crack through both a brown paper bag and a heavy winter coat? Impossible. The cop explains something about his comprehensive and extensive training in crack cocaine "pat-downs." Turns out the officer was a little overzealous with his pat-down arrest, and the judge dismisses the case. Go Team Lump! With a whack of the gavel, Ms. Cole is free to go secure some more crack.

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