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Officers Of The Court

Holding Cell. Jennifer is standing and chewing on her finger. Because she's a crack addict. Jimmy's outlining the deal. She's confused. Because she's a crack addict. He says that if she pleads guilty that they'll give her straight probation for a year. Strangely enough, the continuity personnel have seen fit for Jennifer to have washed her hair and blown it dry in shocking contrast to its matted, crack-addicted state of earlier scenes. Oh, to be in continuity. She doesn't want to go to a residential facility. Come on, Sandra Bullock was so much better after her 28 Days. "You need help, Jennifer," Jimmy croons, "you have an addiction." She snaps, "I do not! I can stop whenever!" Because she's a crack addict. "Then why haven't you!" he shouts. Because she's a crack addict. She makes her final plea for mercy: "I'll go to my aunt's house. There's this little room, it's like the perfect size." She rambles on about curtains for the baby, she doesn't know what colour, those places are no places for babies, "a baby should be at home." She asks Jimmy what she should do. He leans in for the devil-dealmaker of the century award, and says: "They've got a case here, and they're real serious. I think you ought to take the plea. It's the best thing for you." He can't make it go away. He's signed away his soul, and I'm wont to call him, well, the devil in the blue suit. All of Jennifer's faded hopes and dreams float away on the awful melody, and Jimmy sells her soul along with his own. Jennifer nods her head and accepts the deal. Because she's a crack addict.

Big Jail. An overhead shot shows us we're not in Boston, but outside the city at a State Penitentiary. And speaking of crack, Bobby's sitting with Scott Wallace. He's having a hard time in jail: "No. No, you've got to push it up." He's bugging about the appeal: "Bobby. I can't take this place. I mean, they see me as some rich guy. I'm going to be meeting up with the end of a broomstick in here." Huh? I'm sure he's going to be meeting up with a lot more than a broomstick in prison if we believe in Oz. Scott stumbles around his words for a while, stutters about how he can't take prison for much longer, and Bobby does his pale "friend" routine for a minute. Scott wants to pay someone to get him out, his lawyer explains that he's in for murder and that really isn't going to happen. "No! Get me out!" Scott slams his fists on the table and jumps up. The Impending Doom music starts up as Scott paces around the room, chewing on his fingers. Bobby: "We're trying to push up the appeal as soon as possible, Scott." Violins quiver. Scott sits down after regaining his composure somewhat and asks Bobby if he knows for sure that he'll get a new trial. The Emperor insists they're hoping that's the case, but looks rather concerned. His brow is all furrowed and his eyes are squished. At once, his client starts to break down, blah de blah can't take it in prison, blah de blah got to get him out, blah de friggin' blah. In short, Scott's seriously losing it.

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